A children's theatre company based in Largs is celebrating its second anniversary after leaving youngsters in fits of giggles all over Scotland.

The McDougalls family theatre show came to life during the Largs Live musical festival when organisers were looking for more children-focused entertainment, for aged 2-8 years.

Ryan Moir, who was one of the founders of the theatre company said: "It is two years since we set up in Largs, using Largs performers, and have been touring round Scotland.

"It is inspired by music along similar lines to 'The Singing Kettle', but we offer a bit more. Whereas The Singing Kettle had a folk music background, and preserving children's songs, we are more story based."

Having already performed at various local events this year including the Largs Food Festival, and at Kelburn Country Centre, the company has produced its third big show 'History Mystery' which links the McDougalls into time travel, providing an educational focus.

One of the young performers, Coleen Garratt, who plays Mummy McDougall said: "I have been involved for just a year and for me it has been amazing. We are just so excited about the 'History, Mystery' show, and the momentum is really gathering with the stories and the songs. It is really enjoyable being with other young professionals on the stage, and it is not often you see companies from the area growing in this way."

And even Coleen's own daughter is a fan of watching her on stage: "I will sometimes say to her what is my name and she says 'Mummy', and I say what is my other name, and she says 'Mummy McDougall'!

"The children love the songs and keep singing them, and enjoy the CDs. It is great as I can see it from a performer's point of view, as well as a parent!"

The scripts are written by Ruaridh Forde and Ryan Moir, and Coleen added; "That is why they do such a good job, because they are such big kids themselves!"

And the show comes to Barrfields Theatre on Sunday 25 September (Tickets available on 689777).

Come along and visit McDougall Cottage, where you'll meet lovable brother and sister Max and Molly McDougall, who along with their talking bunny rabbit Morag, get up to all sorts of mischief... They love spending all day long out in their garden, dreaming of exciting fairytales and faraway adventures. But life is soon to change as some wacky and magical relatives come to stay... What will happen when Uncle Dougal McDougall visits with his latest invention? What mayhem will happen when Auntie Aggie McDougall starts using her magic powers? And will that bully boy next-door Shug the Thug spoil their fun?

COMPETITION... You have the chance to win a family ticket for four by answering the following question: What is Max's sister called in The McDougalls? Send your answer to editorial@largsnews.co.uk with the title 'McDougalls Competition'. The deadline is Friday 16 September.