In a statement to the Largs 'News' a Largs woman has questioned policing at the Largs Live festival.

Lauren Robinson issued a letter disagreeing with Largs Police Inspector Andy Clark that there had been little trouble at the music weekend.

Ms Robinson said: "It's a fantastic idea with big name performers and should have been a weekend of celebration and fun. Instead, true to form the Largs Police force fail us again.

"Your reader was right there was a brawl on every corner and at the taxi rank, I know several people whose experience of Largs Live was ruined by these people.

"There have been countless stories of "poor show" by the Largs Police and this is yet another. They were well aware of the risks of a local festival such as this and should have taken necessary precautions."

The full letter and page of views is in the Largs & Millport News of July 18.