Cherished memories of the teenage drop-in at the Brisbane Centre in the 1990s provided plenty of good banter on Facebook during the past week.

A picture of young St Mary's Communion in Largs dating back to 1994 was also a big hit with our followers.

The youngsters pictured were: Angela Hutchson, Louise Crumlish, Angela Hutchison, Lissa Tognini, Kerry Russell, Kirsty Smith, Laurie Crawford, Laurien Beattie, Ashleigh Whitelaw, Shellie Murray, Kevin Henry, Elizabeth McDonald, Deeonne Clark, Steph Micklethwaite, and Adele McMillan.

Before Helter Skelter in Largs, there was the 13-17 club which used to meet in the Brisbane Centre in the early 1990s.

A picture of Ritchy Laing, Jackie Fisher and Julie & Mervyn Weir proved a real hit on Facebook. Julie said: "I loved the drop-in centre!"

Jackie remarked: "Those were the days!"

Lynda Kinsella said: "And to think that you and Mervyn Weir are still together Julie......awwww."

Angela Castelvecchi said: "Belter! Julie have you still got those earings? Cash for Gold! Oh & love Merv's stonewash he says they were "all the rage".