Professor Geoff Moore told the Largs 'News' this week that he had never maintained that Kames Bay should be an exclusive place for science.

In a letter he stated: "What I do object to strongly is wholesale, wilful destruction of an important element of a natural ecosystem for no other reason than an obsessive desire for tidiness. There is no incompatibility between traditional recreational usage and SSSI designation.

The raft race proceeded from Kames Bay perfectly satisfactorily this year and people have sat there, spread their rugs or towels and picnicked amongst sea mayweed, as they might do elsewhere among bluebells in a bluebell wood, on the occasional nice sunny day.

In a slight diversion Professor Moore added: "I propose that we create a wildflower meadow prominently in the Garrison grounds. Let's rip up an area of manicured lawn (say where the trees were felled recently), leave some rotting logs and let's have wildflowers in profusion (plus explanatory signage). Emulate Buckingham Palace gardens. I think you'll find that informed opinion (SNH, SEPA) would support this idea."

The full letter and page of views in the Largs & Millport News of September 12.