It could be feasible to have a Largs pound note as a currency next year in order to keep custom in the town.

The ambitious idea is just one of the projects being examined to keep money and business within the local area, as the new BIDS project looks at innovative plans to keep loyalty, for visitors and residents alike.

Sunil Varu, who is the project manager of the Largs BIDS group, is urging local shops and premises to vote YES to the BIDS plan to provide a co-ordinated business approach to take advantage of Commonwealth Games and 2014 Homecoming spin-offs.

Over 300 businesses have been contacted about the BIDS vote with a deadline of 1 November with a successful 'YES' vote requiring a small levy to a business, which would then help provide an influential voice, and make the Largs steering group an equal partner with the likes of North Ayrshire Council, and enable the town to receive extra investment for businesses to help town centre security, festivals and relief in water, gas and electricitiy bills, as well as much more.

For more information, go to the official website For the full story on The Largs Pound, read this week's Largs and Millport News.