Letter writer Caroline Le Good Morgan has asked the public to come up with a solution regarding ongoing problems at Douglas Park.

In this week's Largs and Millport News, Caroline writes:

"On Sunday, Douglas Park was littered with lager cans, cider bottles, wine bottles, even Bombay gin bottle - a real mess.

"Someone left a shoe bag with a can of red bull and a can of lager unopened and broken glass all around the bin"

"I've copied and pasted this comment from the Largs People page because something needs to be done about this. The last time this type of comment was posted it went off into a long and pointless "drivel" about what Largs youth should be allowed to do today as they've nothing else to do and that its no worse than what their parents and their parents parents used to do......excuses being made that this kind of behaviour i.e. drinking, drugs , ;littering and leaving broken glass around is ok and no big deal.......The admins eventually have to shut the post down because it becomes abusive.

"My issue with this is that nothing is being done about it. If the kids want to drink and do drugs I am not here to judge, condone or criticise their decision - my issue is with their trashing of a public place and leaving it littered with empty bottles ,cans and broken glass and therefore unfit for the general public's use.......please, can anyone come up with a sensible solution to this? Thank You."