Letter writer Allan Murray believes there are too many sets of traffic lights in Largs, with a new set being installed this week outside Douglas Park.

Allan Murray writes: "Woe is me! as I watch out my window at the queues of traffic waiting for the new traffic lights to be installed! I'm sure 8 sets of traffic lights within 1000 meters must be a record for a small town. At least it will make the summer total traffic gridlock complete! Is there anyone in control with any common sense? What about a bridge or an underpass? Oh no! Too expensive,a bridge would not accommodate the disabled! at least with the mobile phone app I can stop the traffic to get out my driveway! No wonder our council tax has been outrageously hiked! How about Park and Ride for daytrippers in the summer?
"I would have written to Humza_Yousaf (Transport Minister) SNP but I doubt that would be ignored as they do with everything. "