Residents in West Kilbride were amazed to see a ‘red glowing object’ streaking across the sky last Thursday night.
The town, which used to be known as a UFO hotspot for sightings, certainly lived up to its name with a number of people reporting the incredible view.
Indeed, the burning object has sparked a debate on social media, with suggestions that it could be space debris, a meteor, and incredibly, eye-witnesses could hear the burning as well as see it dart through the sky at top speed ‘like a bullet’.
One resident told the ‘News’: “It happened at around 9.35pm, and looked as if it came down at the back of Law Hill.
“I just stopped at the top of my stairs, and witnessed this rather large red object on fire heading at a 25 degree angle, and it was making a very weird noise- It was like a piece of paper burning in the wind. 
“I wasn’t the only person who managed to see it - I just stood in disbelief. There was some suggestion that it might have been a Chinese lantern, but there was no way that was a lantern - it was whizzing by like a bullet.
“It looked like a large fireball ...came down about a 25 degree angle and looked like heading in Faulds Farm direction to rear of Law Hill.”
Other residents in the village reported seeing the fiery object over Nethermiln in the village.
In April 2015, a Largs man has given an amazing description of an apparent meteor sighting as it flashed across the night sky.
The burning space rock was zooming northwards at a great speed, and the Largs man who saw the astonishing sight, likened it to the Chelyabinsk meteor over Russia which made headlines around the world two years ago, and went viral on youtube.
George Kerr, of Woodcroft Avenue, contacted the ‘News’ after seeing the object fly over Largs. He described it as a massive cinder, and there was smoke emanating from it, heading for Greenock.