People still have time to have their say on the new prom plans, after strong views were expressed during the recent two day consultation.
Councillor Alex Gallagher, chair of Economy, who launched the prom consultation, said: “There is no doubt the prom, the square and the park need to be improved. In fact, if we are to stay a top destination, we must improve the town’s infrastructure continuously. 
“Of course the basic infrastructure is important, but it’s a matter of how we do it. The display was busy and a lot of views were expressed.
“The council went to consultation on the prom and the other improvements in order to get the opinions of the Largs population as a whole.”

Largs and Millport Weekly News:
It would be a bit premature to be bounced into taking decisions now, without taking time to consider the full weight of public opinion.
Councillor Tom Marshall said: “I still think the money should have been spent on a first class Gallowgate Square with the remainder on essential prom repairs. This was the number one priority on the Largs Master Plan till the CEO and another NAC councillor intervened . Meanwhile North Ayrshire Council can find another £2m+ to do up Irvine High Street - the “capital” of NAC !” 
A Largs BID spokesman said: “The view of the majority of our directors is that too much is trying to be achieved with a small amount of money. Not having sufficient funds to re-invent Largs, it is felt that North Ayrshire Council would be better placed to invest the money on a quality repair with longevity. While some funds need to be spent to address some areas on the Promenade there is a feeling that money could have been better used on a quality development of, e.g. Gallowgate Square to improve its usefulness.” 

Largs and Millport Weekly News:
Artist James Watt, 85, told the ‘News’ that he wants a complete re-think of the project, saying: “The prom is the most valuable asset that Largs has, or is every likely to have. If we are not careful, it has the potential to take us to join the rest of the former Clyde seaside resorts.” 
A North Ayrshire Council spokesperson said: “We were delighted to welcome more than 150 people across both consultation events - one of which continued into the early evening - and received a wide range of opinion on the proposals.
“It’s been a positive sign that we have so many people willing to engage with us and it demonstrated the high level of affection we all share for the promenade at Largs.
“With such a large turn-out, we are unable to respond to everyone. The design team and council officers will now take time to review the comments left and these will be considered in the next stage of the design development. This could see changes to the design proposals if there is a consensus for a preferred approach. This will then be presented to an appropriate Locality Planning Partnership meeting for further consideration.
“The design presentation boards are still available to view on the council website and comments can be submitted to the dedicated email address