An overnight break-in at Wetherspoons bar and restaurant The Paddle Steamer in Largs resulted in police and fire brigade response.

Scottish Fire and Rescue were called out to the incident at around 4am on Friday.

Retained firefighter Peter Bowyer said: "It was a break-in. A smoke device goes off in the premises when there is an intruder, and this was the reason we were called out.
"The device is to deter an intruder away if the alarm goes off- it is similar to a smoke bomb going off. We were there for around half an hour."

Police have confirmed that two men from Largs have been detained pending further enquiry after break-ins to The Paddle Steamer, and the "Hot" salon in Charles Street

Wetherspoon spokesman Eddie Gershon said:” At 4.29am the pub was broken into. The drawers of the till were ripped out and the till printer thrown across the floor. Some bottles of spirits were stolen.  The police have since attended.”