Jamie Greene MSP has urged residents of North Ayrshire to remain vigilant and to keep up to date on any announcements that NHS Ayrshire and Arran makes following last week’s cyber-attack.

Jamie Greene is the Scottish Conservatives Digital Economy spokesman.

Mr Greene commented: “Last week’s cyber-attack reminds us of the fragility of our public service online systems and IT infrastructure.”

“The increasing worldwide risk of hacking and cybercrime has landed on our doorsteps.”

“I urge all residents of North Ayrshire to remain vigilant online in the coming weeks. I am aware that NHS Ayrshire and Arran are monitoring their own systems closely at this time. I would advise all residents to keep well informed of any updates they have if you are planning to use Crosshouse Hospital or any other local health facility.”

I have no doubt that Ministers and government officials treat this threat with a high level of focus.

“I will say this though, the perpetrators of such an attack must and should be brought to justice. The NHS is a lifesaving, life changing public service and an electronic attack on it can be equally as devastating as a physical one. Putting lives at risk is a reckless display of criminality and a heartless attempt to display technical superiority or for financial gain.”

“I appeal to all large IT operations, be they public or private, to be on guard with adequate security measures and disaster recovery measures practiced and rehearsed.”