A meeting is taking place this week to explore the transport arrangements and infrastructure surrounding the Millport Country Music Festival with high numbers expected to visit.
During the last Largs Community Council meeting, concerns were raised that the high numbers of visitors could lead to road congestion with the Viking Festival also taking place on the same weekend, Gavin Chittick, who is heading the company behind the Country Music extravanganza, told the ‘News’ that the festival has prepared a ‘comprehensive management action plan’ for the weekend of 1-3 September.
Gavin said: “Everyone recognises that Largs ferry slip is the pinch point and therefore we are looking at all options to ensure that the flow of people across to the island is as smooth as possible, and we are hoping for co-operation from all parties to try and spread the load across the course of the day
“There is about a three hour period between 11am-2pm on the Saturday when we anticipate it is at its peak.”
The Country Music Festival has attracted some top acts from Nashville and the UK, and a 3000 capacity marquee will be erected as the main concert venue over the weekend.
Gavin said: “We are very deliberately holding the main event in the afternoon, and finishing at 7.30pm, and we will be announcing camping facilities very shortly, and we are looking to encourage more people to come over on the Friday, and stay over until the Sunday or Monday.
“We are looking at park and ride and all sorts of options - all of these topics will be up for discussion, and we are very cognisant of all the factors involved.
“We are working with all the appropriate authorities and companies to make sure the weekend moves as smoothly as possible, and the experience is enjoyable for everyone.” 
“We will be encouraging people to come by public transport, and ScotRail will have the maximum capacity trains on the day. We are also taking part in discussions with Cal Mac to run later ferries.”
“We normally have around 5000 on the island for the festival, and a sizeable portion of that figure will be at the country and music festival concerts.”
Gavin pointed out that the reason that the festival was announced fully six months in advance was to allow for all the preparations and solutions to be put in place.
He added: “Merchandise and t-shirts for the festival will be produced on the island, and food and drink will be provided by island businesses.
“ We are very pleased with the response we have had so far. We are trying to grow the size and stature of the festival into a much higher quality event that we hope enhances the reputation and desirability of Millport.”