A talented Largs cartoon artist is hoping to be 'King of the Jungle' after providing animation for a a top Warner Brothers movie of a famous tale.

Will is one of the animators on the Rudyard Kipling classic 'The Jungle Book' which is set to be released next year after doing an internship programme in his last year at university.

Will, who is co-founder of Wooden Plane Productions, said: "It was during the end of my university time . I was doing an internship programme, and I went over to a studio in London to work.

"I am involved in the effects imagination, similar to Fantastic Beasts, and it provides animated characters with the live action. I am looking forward to seeing it myself. I did a good number of shots.

Most of the time they distribute shots on a film to the various animators who then work on it. My internship lasted three months, and I worked on some of the main characters in the movie.

"There were challenges as you are trying to make very realistic animals with live action actors. How does an animal talk or interact with a human? it is trying to solve those kind of problems, and I can't wait to see the finished product when it comes out next year, and the trailers should be appearing at the cinema soon."

Will's day job is providing online animations with his girlfriend Kat for various businesses around the world, and they are all created and designed in a small art studio in their house in Gateside Street

Kat, 26, explained: "We set up the studio here in Largs and have had the pleasure of working with many different clients. We have also worked on video games and commercials.

"Will and I both graduated from The Animation Workshop in Denmark and travelled a bit after getting our degrees. After falling in love with the fierce beauty of Scotland, we decided to stay here for good and work from home.

"It's not always easy to be a little fish in the large ocean of the entertainment industry, but we are definitely having a blast."

Kat, who comes from Denmark, and Will, 25, who is originally from South Africa, first started a studio in Denmark, before moving to London to get work, but found it too big and all encompassing,and decided to look towards Scotland for their new home, and recently settled upon Largs.

She added: "Both of us grew up watching all the classic Disney movies such as The Lion King and The Little Mermaid and this has inspired us. Animation has changed a lot since the old days, with the quick pace of technology.

"There is quite a large market now with commercials, children's games and providing animations for business clients. It can sometimes take between 3-5 months to put animations together."

Various creative methods are used by The Wooden Plane Productions, 3D design, art production, cartoon designer, design, graphic design, GIF animation, animation, commercial and video production.

An interesting project which the couple are working on at the moment is for a Viking museum mural in Denmark.

Will explained: "The animation films are projected onto a mural. People will look at the static mural and it will come to life, showing different periods in Viking history from the ice age to the bronze age and so on. We have been to visit the Vikingar! in Largs and found it most interesting."