Two people on board a vessel which was in danger of crashing into rocks near Portencross were rescued on Saturday afternoon.

Largs Lifeboat launched at 4.40pm on Saturday following a 'Pan Broadcast' from a 5 metre power craft - an urgency call used when a very important message covering safety has to be sent.

The vessel was requesting assistance as both main and auxilliary engines had malfunctioned causing the vessel to drift towards the rocky shoreline.

The lifeboat crew located the casualty, and took the vessel in tow. The lifeboat towed the craft to Largs Yacht Haven, assisted in berthing the craft and landing the two occupants.

The lifeboat then returned to station, was refuelled, washed down and rehoused ready for its next service.

On Sunday at 2.58pm the volunteer crew were paged to assemble due to a possible fire onboard a yacht. The situation onboard this yacht was resolved without the need of lifeboat assistance and the crew and officials returned to their normal activities.

Thanks to the RNLI for the report.