The Tree People event held in the Cathedral grounds as part of the Cumbrae September Weekend celebrations attracted many visitors.
Participants were asked to count the number of ceramic faces and figures hidden in the trees on the Great Lime Avenue leading up to the Cathedral of The Isles. These scary green men were crafted by members of the Millport Art Group during a series of ceramics workshops in the Studio Gallery during the summer.

Largs and Millport Weekly News:
After finding and counting the hidden creatures in the trees, competition entries were posted at the studio Gallery where some woodland installations were on show, along with an exhibition of new work by Gill Miller, Mazda Munn, Harry Sutton and John Andrew.
Four entrants correctly identified that there were 46 tree people. Grant Bissett, Niamh Goldie, Kiera Boyce and Flora. The ultimate winner was chosen by drawing the one of these names from a hat. The prize was won by Grant Bissett.
The Tree People installation can still be viewed in the Lime Trees Avenue. Artwork is still on view at the Studio Gallery.

Largs and Millport Weekly News: