A new Fairlie Coastal Trust has been set up to help protect and promote the coast and bay area of the village.
Speaking at the Fairlie Community Council meeting on Monday evening, one of the members David Nairn of the Clyde Mammal Protection Group, said that there were plans afoot to provide more marine related activities including a forthcoming beach clean-up.
The group is looking at working with the gala committee in Fairlie towards moving the gala event, held annually in the swing park in August, to the Pier Road beach area, and community garden later this year.
The Fairlie Coastal Trust group, which is made up of local residents, is also hoping to resurrect the popular raft race which used to be held in Fairlie beach in the 1980s.
There are four key themes which they aim to focus on developing over time. These are Environment, Community, Activity and Heritage. The aims for each of our theme are below:-
Environment: To advance awareness and understanding of marine environment, initiate environmental projects and advance a sense of community marine stewardship.
Community: To strengthen the relationship between the community of Fairlie and our outstanding coastal environment through the development of a coastal hub and events
Activity: To encourage and enable the community to participate in coastal and water-based activities in and around the Fairlie bay in a safe and appropriate way.
Heritage: To capture and promote Fairlie’s rich maritime history and culture to ensure it is preserved and celebrated for years to come.
Speaking at the community council, David Nairn added that he would like to see more done to promote the Fife heritage of the village, and suggested a Fife musuem in Fairlie. He added that it was an important historical and cultural link to Fairlie, and it was important it wasn’t lost to the new generation.
The new marine group is in its formative stages,and if you are interesting in helping, go to their website www.fairliecoastal.org
Various initiatives include a beach litter strategy, environmental education, and involvement with Cumbrae Watersports Centre has been suggested at the outset.