Fairlie will once again be hosting the return of the historic Raft Race during the Fairlie Gala weekend, and there is plenty of time to get involved, and built a raft!

Teams consisting of 4-8 people will race their self-built crafts along a section of Fairlie beach on 19th August.

The new village coastal group hope the event will be well supported by local and visiting teams.

Fairlie has a proud maritime culture and heritage and this years raft race will be centred around a “fairly pirate” theme. The rafts are to be constructed from recycled materials.

The winning team will have many honours bestowed upon them and will hold the highly coveted ‘Champions’ title until the next race.

The number of teams racing will ultimately be dictated by the level of safety and boat cover. Get your registration in asap, and start organising your raft. You don’t want to be left high and dry!

There are also prizes for the Best Dressed Raft and Pirate Gear, and a Porpoise Prize!

Register at www.fairliecoastal.org/raft-race-2017/

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