"Coal plant won't go ahead"

Published: 6 Dec 2010 09:304 comments

Local MSP Kenneth Gibson has welcomed a new energy statement from the SNP Government which will effectively rule out a new coal-fired power station at Hunterston, he states.

Local MSP Kenneth Gibson has welcomed a new energy statement from the SNP Government which will effectively rule out a new coal-fired power station at Hunterston.

The newly published electricity generation statement sets out the SNP Government's policy on renewable electricity and fossil fuel thermal generation (coal, gas, oil) in Scotland's future energy mix. It gives a clear view on the need for both rapid expansion of renewable electricity across Scotland and new efficient low carbon thermal capacity, states Mr Gibson.

Mr Gibson said: "It seems pretty clear therefore, with Longannet being rebuilt as a 2.4 GW coal-fired power station incorporating carbon capture and storage technology and Peterhead, with up to 1.6 GW of electricity from gas that there is no requirement for a coal-fired power station at Hunterston, which would clearly fail the 'economic, environmental and social merits' criteria.

"I am believe therefore that Ayrshire Power Limited's Hunterston application is doomed."

A spokesman for Ayrshire Power said: ""Ayrshire Power takes great encouragement from the Scottish Government's position on thermal and renewable electricity generation as outlined in its recent Policy Statement.

"The report makes clear the Scottish Government's ambition 'for Scotland to lead the UK and EU in the development of CCS and to maximise our competitive economic advantage through demonstrating this technology on Scottish power plants'.

"That ambition is entirely consistent with Ayrshire Power's belief that positioning Scotland at the forefront of this pioneering technology would complement the development of our renewable energy capability and provide a sustainable approach to meeting the country's energy needs via technology that can be of enormous benefit for Ayrshire, Scotland and the rest of the world."

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  • maggieb
    Unregistered User
    Dec 7, 17:53
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    So the SNP dont want a coal fired powered station and dont want a nuclera power station Currently with temperatures well below zero and with not much wind to turn the monstrouus wind turbines how does Mr Gibson expect the nation to get electric power ?

    Maybe it is a questiuon that does not bother him since come May next year he will be hsitory

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  • AlanGraham
    Unregistered User
    Dec 11, 09:50
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    I believe the plan is to install a Geo-thermal power plant at Holyrood, powered entirely by hot air in the debating chamber. :)

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  • gill
    Unregistered User
    Dec 12, 01:20
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    so if the wind turbines are monstrous what would the new coal fired plant be? this hideous, noisy, dirty and environmentally unsound projects only selling point is that it will make a lot of money for a very few people. It certainly wont safeguard our future energy supply if we become dependant on imported coal. The taxpayers money would be better spent on cutting energy wastage and researching carbon free ways of generating. It doesn't matter how many coal fired power stations we build - will will run out of fuel eventually unless we start using our imagination.

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  • thomas
    Unregistered User
    Jan 15, 15:52
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    my comments in the past seem to have come to light we need solar and wind power to produce engery .THOMAS R MILNE MIAMI FLORIDA U.S.A.

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