"Let's replace Largs Academy"

Published: 27 Jun 2012 09:303 comments

After North Ayrshire Council announced plans for a new super school in the three towns of Ardrossan, Saltcoats and Stevenston Labour councillor Alex Gallagher declared that Largs should be next.

A local councillor has called for a replacement Largs Academy to be placed on the council agenda.

In a statement to the Largs & Millport News Labour member Alex Gallagher said he was disappointed that no consideration appears to have been given to a replacement for Largs Academy in the latest round of bids for Holyrood finance, with preference going to the three towns.

He said: "The physical condition of the local school is poor and a replacement will have to be built sooner rather than later."

The full story and page of views in the Largs News of June 27.

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  • John Ried
    Unregistered User
    Jun 28, 19:34
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    You really got to have a laugh at this balloon and his so called "Scottish Labour Party", I would just like to remind Mr Gallagher and our readers, his council and party were responsible for running Scotland into the ground for the last 100 years or had he forgotten! Not only that, HIS party increased our council tax every year for the last TEN years and he forgot to mention that too. His unions shut the Chrysler factory at Linwood with ridiculous working terms and unrealistic pay deals, they decimated the Scottish steel industry or had he forgotten about that too! His party couldn't even build the Scottish parliament without running over budget by Millions or had he forgotten that too.

    It’s only now that we have a bone-fide Scottish government that we can finally look to improving the states of our schools and hospitals which were a disgrace and unfit for purpose under his party and leadership or had he forgotten about that too!

    It is evident this senile old buffoon has either got selective memory loss or chooses to forget the former state of our country that HIS party left us in.

    My message to Mr Gallagher is unless you have anything positive to say or do and let’s face it the only thing you and your party ever done was the people of Scotland, is shut up and try support the S.N.P which is the only party that has ever had Scotland as its priority and a genuine mandate to govern.

    Like the old communist regimes of yesteryear there is no place in a modern Scotland for your so called "brothers and brethren" crap, we are all equal now even those still clinging on to the sinking ship that is Labour. So hang your head in shame and ask yourself, are you really a fit person to make weekly libellous claims against the S.N.P with you and your party's history?

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  • Hamish100
    Unregistered User
    Jun 28, 21:38
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    There must be some money spare from Irvines plan to have a new super magnum so could Brisbane Primary get a gymnasium first !

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  • to be continued
    Unregistered User
    Jul 7, 22:32
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    wow mr ried thats a novel you wrote have you contacted amazon to get it published?????????

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