Published: 25 Jul 2012 09:303 comments

The latest accounts for North Ayrshire Council show that the leading handful of top directors take home half a million pounds a year

Elma Murray

THE combined salaries of six senior council officials topped half-a-million-pounds last year, latest figures have revealed.

According to North Ayrshire Council's draft annual accounts for 2011/12 six of the top earners took home a collective sum of more than £500,000.

The highest earner of the lot was, of course, NAC's chief executive Elma Murray whose pay packet was a staggering £126,597.

Astonishingly, that figure was further topped up by a payment of £11,150 in relation to her duties as North Ayrshire's electoral returning officer.

Full story and comment in the Largs & Millport Weekly News of July 25.

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  • Munnycantbyemeluv
    Unregistered User
    Jul 25, 13:07
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    Oh well I guess we're getting a bargain. Just imagine what the "market rate" for competent officials would be.

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  • Tarquil Cameron
    Unregistered User
    Jul 25, 13:41
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    The state is clearly out of control. Corruption is now dressed up in so many guises that we blindly accept it without challenge.

    Labels like "not for profit" or "remuneration to attract the right calibre of professional" or "must have public sector experience" defecate all over transparency and continue to fertilise the blatant abuse of position amongst the majority of state workers.

    No public sector should ever thrive in terms of remuneration to its employees. It simply flies in the face of every tenet of economic stability. There is only one conclusion and that conclusion is being seen throughout Europe and the US as I type. You cannot pay out more in operational costs than you bring in through taxation. Might seem a tad simplistic but the only variable in terms of meltdown is ... time.

    In the same way flies "gravitate" towards faecal matter, Elma Murray was hired by GDC in the mid 80's at a rate commensurate with her ability. This was the way things worked pre the New World Order. Darwinism, if you like. This rate, circa 1984 (spooky, eh?), was adjudged to be roughly just above half the rate being paid to high-flying graduates from the same course at the same university, working in the private sector. Visualise... “Moneys” Peanuts” “Perform.”

    Question : When did Elma Murray suddenly become exceptional?

    Answer: She never. She simply became caught up in endless spiral of legitimised theft that was public sector remuneration under Blair. Accountable to absolutely no one, even to this day (her pay rose 18pc last year), these third-rate, elsewhere-unemployable wastrels lavish filthy lucre upon themselves like teapot dictators at an Elton John benefits gig and claim, without challenge, that they are worth every penny.

    Even the worst of the worst are remunerated as superstar high-flyers in the public sector. I guess this is all a direct consequence of "he[or she]-who-writes-the-law-writes-the-cheques."

    If Elma Murray was twice as intelligent and ten times more effective than the one I remember from the mid 80’s, she wouldn't be worth 10% of her current wedge.

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  • bingo
    Unregistered User
    Jul 25, 19:08
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    Well worth the money - the new magnum is going swimmingly, don't you know?

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