Should those feeding seagulls be fined?

Published: 8 Aug 2012 09:305 comments

A Largs resident has suggested that those found to flaunt the notices about not feeding the gulls on the seafront should be penalised.

Should people be fined for feeding the seagulls on Largs seafront?

This was the serious question posed by a Largs resident who wrote to the Largs & Millport News this week.

Mrs Caroline Morgan stated: \"I am wondering if feeding gulls comes under the same heading as littering and therefore anyone seen feeding gulls would be fined in the same way?\"

Full letter and page of views in the Largs & Millport News of August 8.

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  • Emporor Mlar
    Unregistered User
    Aug 9, 16:31
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    It depends what they are being fed.....

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  • hazelkaye
    424 posts
    Aug 9, 17:01
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    Some of the blighters don't need fed - they swipe what they want straight from you hand!

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  • Steptoe
    31 posts
    Aug 10, 18:42
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    A bloke was selling seagulls on Largs prom £5 each. Guy goes up to him says I'll have one and hands over a fiver, seller takes the fiver and points at a gull in the sky and says have that one.

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  • gulls rule
    Unregistered User
    Aug 11, 12:21
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    A blonde, brunette and redhead were walking along the beach, when a seagull flies over and craps all over the blonde. The brunette says in a disgusted voice "hang on, the bathroom is just up the hill, I'll go get some toilet paper."

    After she leaves the blonde begins to laugh. The redhead asks "what's so funny ?"

    The blonde says "well, blondes are suppose to be so dumb and look at her, by the time she gets back with the toilet paper that seagull will be miles away!"

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  • gull ible
    Unregistered User
    Aug 11, 12:23
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    Why are seagulls called seagulls? Because if they flew over the bay, they'd be called bagels!

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