Published: 14 Sep 2012 11:0010 comments

Largs 'News' Facebook users have slammed the seafront fair, with one critic stating that it just causes 'beatings, muggings and stabbings'.

Fair enough? Largs 'News' Facebook followers want to see the fairground ditched for 750th anniversary of Battle of Largs next year.

Fair enough? Largs 'News' Facebook followers want to see the fairground ditched for 750th anniversary of Battle of Largs next year.

A number of readers had their say on the controversial fair attraction which has remained for many years despite renewed calls every year for the event to be banned during the Viking Festival.

However, there was a mix of views on the 'News' Facebook page with some saying that they enjoyed the fair coming each year.

Helen Rumbold set the ball rolling and asked: "I wonder if I'm in the majority or minority in the town. Its a pain in the backside year in year out."

Cameron Hughes said: " The Largs fair.. beatings, muggings and stabbings annually."

Laura Ann O'Connor said: "Send it back - we don't want it."

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  • jakeyrollin
    Unregistered User
    Sep 15, 07:41
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    I must be honest and say I have yet to 'meet' anyone who wants this thing here. I've read plenty but everyone I talk to think it's a royal pain. Who agrees to put it here ? Who sanctions the license ? Why not run a poll with the locals and we'll all stand by the decision ? At the very least move it from the car park (who thought that was a great idea on our busiest week). Move it out to where the circus was.

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  • waltzer1
    Unregistered User
    Sep 15, 09:47
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    Yes it was indeed the "busiest week" and partly because the fair was here yet again on the seafront where it has been in some form for the last century . All these thousands of people attending just proves that there is plenty of car parking space around the streets in the town for people who cannot park in the seafront car park.

    Who wants it ? Ask any of the young people - surely they can be catered for as well as the over 60,s. Ask the businesses!

    To allege "beatins muggings and stabbings " is just plane nonsense.

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  • caroline morgan
    Unregistered User
    Sep 15, 09:52
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    My guess is the lethal mix of the Fair, the Country and Western on Millport and the Viking Festival is just too much altogether for Largs and the reason for much of the bad behaviour.Why can't the Country and Western plus Fair be reallocated a different weekend perhaps in August when school is still out and families are still on their summer holidays; and then let the Largs Viking Festival keep it's September slot? If this cannot be done then my vote is cast for the fair to go....

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  • did it happen
    Unregistered User
    Sep 16, 11:38
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    mmmmmmmmm no mention of any trouble in town or at fair in wee paper so where are these stories then??????

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  • Janet Ross
    Unregistered User
    Sep 16, 16:56
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    I agree that there is too much on at the one time. If the Country and Western, the Viking Festival and the fair could be separated and held at different times throughout July and August then there would be room for every event and bring alot more enjoyment to many people of all ages - just not all at the same time.

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  • Munnycantbyemeluv
    Unregistered User
    Sep 17, 10:52
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    All the "beatings & muggings"???? What is the excuse for the other 50 weeks of the year then? ... the fair at Greenock Victoria Harbour????

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  • dafunk
    Unregistered User
    Sep 17, 11:33
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    I would say that parking was a major issue, two weekends in a row I was unable to park anywhere near my own home! the revenue lost by situating the 'fair' on the sole public coastal car park in the centre of Largs is madness for such a small town to consider! I also agree with having events spread out during the warmer months, having a fair on when all the kids have returned to school is plain stupidity!

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  • DontParkThere
    19 posts
    Sep 17, 12:05
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    Dafunk, you beat me to it. I was going to comment on that exact issue. Waltzer1 obviously doesn't care as he probably has a drive way. It was a massive problem for just about every one that lives down in near the beach and the surrounding areas. I understand that people have no where to go but to expect to increase the amount of visitors in the town and then have the biggest car park filled with the fair is just crazy. I'm on the fence when it comes to the fair as I do think it brings something to the town just before the autumn and the winter kicks in, but I also find that it is just to much sometimes with all that is going on.

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  • Jupiter
    61 posts
    Sep 18, 06:28
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    I would suggest that Cameron Hughes probably believes that the earth is flat, and that Mars is populated with little green men; his comments demonstrate that he only has a loose grip on reality.

    The fair may well cause parking issues, but no more so than the hoards of weekend visitors in the summer. It does, I'm sure, generate lots of custom for nearby shopkeepers (and we are always being told how much we need that in our town). Let's not forget, too, that the travelling showmen pay quite substantial fees for the privilege of building up on the car park, one assumes to NAC.

    The fair brings a welcome colour and bustle to the town, and gives lots of people lots of pleasure. Lets not lose that to the whims of the mealy-mouthed moaning minority.

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  • Eyesore
    Unregistered User
    Sep 18, 09:19
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    I think the fair should go: it is an eyesore, ear-sore, and it lowers the tone of an otherwise beautiful town. Why invest money improving shopfronts and then spoil the town with this blot on the landscape. If it needs to stay then put it in a field at the back of Largs out of sight, out of sound and where it doesn't spoil the view of the sea to Cumbrae. If we want to inject colour and bustle to the town then a noisy, smelly fair is not the answer - we need something classy, modern and relevant to Largs. Come on folks, time to break with tradition and get creative!

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