NAC 'can tackle dramatic tourism decline'

Published: 18 Oct 2012 09:473 comments

North Ayrshire Council insist that they can boost the area's tourism industry, despite a dramatic decline in the sector last year.

The local authority are compiling a report entitled 'The North Coast Tourism Assessment Study', which they believe could generate "growth opportunities that will help guide future decision-making and development of the area's tourism economy over the next 3-5 years".

NAC say that tourism across the region brings some £123.65 million into the local economy, with 1,125,300 tourists visiting the area, while tourism in the North Coast area, including Cumbrae, brings in £23.61 million and attracts some 237,860 tourists.


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  • juan
    Unregistered User
    Oct 18, 18:35
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    Excellent news.

    At last, some positive headlines for the council.

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  • CALLY969
    17 posts
    Oct 18, 18:58
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    Maybe if the glorious North Ayrshire Council reduced the extortionate rates that hotels and bars had to pay, then prices could be kept at a reasonable rate, and people would spend a bit more. How many hotels did Largs have 15 years ago, and how many are there now??

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  • jakeyrollin
    Unregistered User
    Oct 21, 17:17
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    £21 for a £7 bottle of (Tesco) Sauvignon Blanc in certain establishments. I'm all for a fair mark up but some folk just go overboard. Get that sort of thing regulated and we're on a good start.

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