The Cumbrae Queen will be crowned this year on Saturday May 13 at 2pm.
The ceremony takes place in the Garrison gardens, and this year the Cumbrae Queen will be Susan Johnstone from primary 6 - and it is a busy day on the island which is also hosting a classic car festival at the Garrison.
For the crowning, Susan will be attended by her three classmates Lucy Latham, Danni McEhill, and Lucy Telford.
The two page boys (both from P3) are Jack Patterson, who will carry the crown, and Tristan McNair, who will carry the queen’s sceptre.
The Queen and her entourage will leave from the drop-in centre prior to the crowning and drive along the town to the pier, and then to the Garrison, where they will be met by the Grumpy Old Pipers who will pipe them to their stage on the steps of the gardens.

Largs and Millport Weekly News:
Queen Susan will then be crowned by Alistair Chisholm B.E.M (pictured above), organist at The Cathedral of the Isles, was honoured to receive the British Empire Medal for services to music and culture last year. Members of the Sonoro Choir will sing in the Garrison.
The guests of the children will be seated in the sunken gardens and will be able to enjoy a beautiful tea inside the building after the ceremony.
Everyone on the island wishes the royal children a lovely day at their special event.
The Cumbrae Queen and the royal children will tour the town after the ceremony, and Queen Susan will present a prize to the classic car in show, at the classic car event, which is on that day in conjunction with the crowning ceremony.
The fourth classic car event will take place at the Garrison grounds, with organisers anticipating 80-90 cars, as well as two classic fire engines. It is due to begin at 11am.