At a choc-a-block gathering of poetry addicts Frances Melling kicked off the event with a ‘Lost and found at Millport’, an attacking series of stanzas questioning the disappearance of delicate items blown from her washing line. The Contemporary Poetry Society was open for business!
The idea of a dedicated poetry group focussing on the modern, apparently came to her one day in the bath when Gandalf her cat tried to catch the soap duck and slipped in.
Keith MacIvor, a fellow poet, liked the idea and together they hosted the evening, finally presenting the societies programme for the summer/autumn season.
Frances and Keith feel that there is a place on the Isle of Cumbrae for a dedicated poetry group of readers and writers working in conjunction with the strong group of poets present in the area.
The motto for the club is ‘Make waves, words grow’ and no doubt Island bliss is about to be blown with a poetry breeze of inordinate proportions.
Kindly the Art community centre, run by Mazda Munn and Gill Miller under the auspices of the Cathedral of the Isles, has allowed their brilliant venue, complete with log fire and artwork to be used as the gathering post.
The opening was packed as poetry lovers either read favourite poets or new work from their own contemporary pens.
Connections with the great history of poetry were reinforced by Alastair Chisholm, Calum Corral, John Broadfoot and Paul Hart.
Poets entertaining with their own work included, Jack Muir, Jim Hardie, Jen Smith, Bill Torrie Douglas, Alex Polland, Sarah Graham, Fiona Howard, Amanda Wright, Neil MacNeil, Lorna Gilmour, Keith MacIvor, Frances Melling, George Whitestone, Ian Forbes, Alison Green, and Peter Jones.
After the readings there was a fantastic cheese and wine that went long into the night thanks to the excellent catering of Sharon Devine.