Quayhead cops could fine litter louts

Published: 27 Jun 2012 09:303 comments

A Millport resident is worried about the increasing incidences of rubbish being left in streets and parks and calls for action.

An island lady has appealed for stronger action against those who leave their rubbish behind them.

Iona McGregor of Millport has written to the Largs & Millport News appealing for a tidy up in the island town.

She wrote: "As the summer season starts on Millport would it be possible to ensure day-trippers and holidaymakers take their detritus to bins and do not leave it on the beach or throw it into the sea?"

She called for fines to be handed out, saying "Instead of the Keystone Cops could we have the Quayhead Cops?"

Full letter and page of views in the Largs & Millport Weekly News of June 27.

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  • google it
    Unregistered User
    Jun 27, 17:52
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    i have seen rubbish bins, re-cycle bins and dog poo bins but not a detritus bin to be seen on millport so dont blame the day trippers call the council and ask them for a detritus bin.(please print what they say to you here) :-)

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  • local resident
    Unregistered User
    Jun 28, 21:36
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    OMG "google it" we just have to love sad little internet trolls like you. Mrs McGregors post is topical and relevant. It is appalling the way the whole island is treated as a dump by various individuals and groups.

    I don't think that it would take great detective work to track down the groups that leave their signage all over the island after they have done their little wander round the island to collect for their pet charity.

    As for the people who come here and drop their rubbish at their back sides, I think they should be also made to drop fifty notes as happens in the cities.

    However in saying that the police on a whole try to do a pretty good job on the island so maybe "keystone cops" is slightly over dramatic.

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  • its all year round
    Unregistered User
    Jul 7, 22:38
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    oh local seems that folk like sad little internet trolls like me know nothing, is it really only in the summer that there is rubbish on the island after all you dont even know if i live here by the way the clue is in the ln HERE part

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