Skull and bones mystery

Published: 27 May 2011 09:308 comments

There is a difference of opinion in West Kilbride over the discovery of skull and bones at the Barony Church redevelopment with councillor McLardy hitting back at accusations of a crime being committed.

THIS week West Kilbride Councillor Elizabeth McLardy stated that there was no break-in at the Barony Church building.

Referring to newspaper reports last week which revealed that skulls and bones had been unearthed in excavation work in the former church Mrs McLardy rejected a claim that the building had been broken into.

In a letter to the 'News' the Independent councillor said she wanted to clarify the circumstances leading to the discovery of bones and cessation of work.

Full story in the Largs and Millport Newsof May 25

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  • Banshee
    Unregistered User
    May 29, 08:22
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    Shocking to read the statement from the Initiative spokesperson:

    “The Initiative and its contractors have nothing more to add to the statement published in last week’s local papers, copies of which are on public display in West Kilbride and available upon request”

    Is the Initiative sweeping this matter under the carpet or will they publish the report of the Archaeologists’ findings!! As the new refurbished public notice board contain no info of any statement from the Initiative (corner of Glen and Main Road)

    The local residents would appreciate to see this report / findings published in the local papers.

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  • shipshape
    Unregistered User
    Jun 7, 21:59
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    It would appear that this matter has been well and truly laid to rest ,unlike the victims that were unearthed and discarded like waste,shame on you wk initiative "bury your head in the sand" and it will go away attitude.

    I like many other locals am deeply upset at the manner and sheer negligence of the initiative ,west kilbride was and to a certain extent still is a very close knit community where changes make a big impact on elder people whom have resided in wk,it doesn't take much to upset the apple cart let alone some jumped up out of towner to come in and suddenly decide that if it suits them then that's fine,get a grip and also some sort of qualification that deems you worthy to go around digging up bodies where you like,strong as may be have you actually asked the people all ages what they want? nope didn't think so,lets turn this church into a craft centre and cafe ...sure loads of peeps will come and stand in awe at your achievement ,probs wont buy anything and then go. how many empty craft studios are there at present in the village? are they all that busy the earnings have allowed them to retire already? why have a cafe when all you are doing is taking business away from already established cafes?

    liz mclardy has in the past done many things which have benefited the village greatly i would love to hear her position on this?

    have you "wk initiative" opened your eyes within the last 2 years if so i'm sure you could come up with an endless list of amenities that would benefit the whole village and not the select few.

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  • incomer
    Unregistered User
    Jun 13, 18:32
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    Like most of the things "wk initiative" do it is mainly in secret not to be shared with the residents of WK. As for the the Barony well it was so shocking the way it was handled so so high handed it is a disgrace. And who will come to wk when the barony is finished as they do not come now when the craft shops are open. Those that do come on impulse when seeing the sign on the main road find the shop closed. Some rethinking should be done.

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  • broadlyout
    Unregistered User
    Jun 13, 23:39
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    Its with a great deal of sadness that i have to confirm and agree with the above comments,yes its shocking and sad that wk appears to heading for a berlin wall separating normal people who see the village for what it was and desperately want to rekindle the close caring community we once had where things were done and achieved for the benefit of the whole village,one wonders when the tenders are going out for the wk wall and what route it will take,i can only hope that an inner wall is constructed around the wk initiative compound to keep the stark raving loonies inside.

    why was the response from the wk initiative not posted on the village notice board or printed in the local paper or at the very least posted on this forum where there is a chance of at least some people reading it...oh no lets put it in the wk initiative window where only the superior race can read it....not me i only heard the whispers about such a document , and lets keep to the story that the building was broken into and some hooligan"probably a very well known local person" took photographs which are illegal because that person hello read the headline numb nut,quote THIS week West Kilbride Councillor Elizabeth McLardy stated that there was no break-in at the Barony Church building.

    now if this building was for the use of the local people as we are led to believe and run by wk community initiative then how can a local person be trespassing on land that you are telling them is for their use?

    get local people involved ,listen to what locals and children want in the village and why,im afraid the concept of a craft town is one issue and the creating of an oversize gallery and cafe that very few locals will be able to use and see the benefit of is another issue altogether. god help us all cos from where im looking .....we are doomed.

    well done "wk initiative" you have certainly done yourself proud if no one else.if liz mclardy was in charge of this project none of these mistakes would ever of happened.

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