SHOCKER - McLardy left reeling after quit threat

Published: 14 Jul 2011 09:328 comments

Independent Councillor Liz McLardy MBE has said she has been left 'reeling in shock' after NAC Chief Executive Elma Murray suggested she should re-consider her position as chair of the planning committee for the district.

Liz McLardy

Mrs McLardy, believes she has done nothing wrong and was only seeking a second opinion after council planners turned her down as she sought to re-designate Hunterston for leisure and industry, as opposed to industry only.

She told the "News" that all she is doing is representing the people in her district, as 16,000 objections were made concerning the clean coal power station proposal, and said she wanted to see more leisure and tourism opportunities considered in tandem with industrial use.

A Council spokesperson said: "Councillor McLardy mistakenly claimed in her letter that, under the Planning etc (Scotland) Act 2006, the Council could over-rule the National Planning Framework when it came to the designation of Hunterston.

"The Chief Executive has a duty to provide advice and guidance to Elected Members who may be at risk of breaching the Elected Members Code of Conduct in order to avoid the possibility of referral to the Standards Commission for Scotland."

Full story in this week's Largs and Millport Weekly News.

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  • Joh Reid
    Unregistered User
    Jul 14, 21:20
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    How about we ditch both these overpaid clowns along with the rest of the councilors at NAC ! These councilors earn in excess of 20K+ a year for doing little or nothing "albeit part time" other than bleat a lot of nonsense about things they know little or nothing about and get paid obscene amounts in salaries and expenses.

    I know this might sound a real crazy idea, but how about we select and elect our own councilors who would do the "job for free" with passion, accountability and appropriate expenses? I for one would be delighted to offer up my services and furthermore put in more hours in a month than that lot do in a year.

    I reckon we could save a fortune if we voted to abolish their overly generous remuneration packages and NAC residents would be better off. The councilors earn more than I and half of NAC residents do in about three years, so I think its time for them all to stand down and give it to the boys and girls that would gladly serve their area and communities.


    Click on NAC link below and it tells you how much these councilors took home in our hard earned council tax cash last year.

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  • John Reid
    Unregistered User
    Jul 14, 21:26
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    for the avoidance of doubt I am not the same John Reid from NAC

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    Unregistered User
    Jul 14, 22:03
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    joh comment i have read in this paper. i congratulate and agree wholeheartly with you.regarding link below it was every pound they earned or(robbed)off the public. mr d. o. niel five or more jobs from nac. he forgets his background labour (whos he kidding.)

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  • jimbo
    Unregistered User
    Jul 16, 08:42
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    I agree completely. Local government should be run by people who do not need paid for their time. Councillors should be able to support themselves independently, whether that be through personal wealth, a private business or other employment. There is no way we should have people who would otherwise be unemployed or poor running our local services.

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  • mikbdon
    3 posts
    Jul 16, 10:55
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    It would be really helpful if NAC could stick to their OWN planning policies! Both the approved Local Plan and proposed Development Pan state that the housing brief for Ladies Walk at Fairlie should be "prepared by the Council". However, NAC's report to the Planning Committee on 29 March advises that the brief was "prepared by Dawn Homes". Why has NAC chosen to allow the developer to write this important document that will set out how the site is developed? Perhaps NAC regard complying with their own local planning policy as unimportant! It should be noted that this key requirement emanated from the Reporter at the Local Plan Enquiry, so perhaps NAC only follow policies that they think are important.

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  • dickdastardly
    Unregistered User
    Jul 25, 19:45
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    Mclardy's aims re the Hunterston site were at least laudible but apparently she was up against fears by other councillors that the use of the land there not be changed for legal reprisals by scottish govt ... so the status quo is kept ie that the land stay industrial. Meanwhile Ruby Murray or whatever she is called is allegedly trying to beat up West Kilbride because it never votes labour - hence we never get any decent funding for our schools, kids and libraries and our taxes are siphoned off to bolster other areas ... Oh, and she is responsible (as chief exec) for letting west kilbride face the twin disasters of ill thought out housing development and a ghastly monstrosity of a power station garnished with 600ft turbines. Sooner she goes and takes her team with her the better ... Mclardy is local and that should count for something

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  • John Reid
    Unregistered User
    Jul 26, 22:21
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    Dick-dastardly, you are but a fool in a "pool of fools" and regardless of your inane comments Re: And support of the McLardys of this world, she and such leaches suck upon the blood of the dead and dull that is NAC and get rewarded for such menial and part time duties and comments (IF they turn up).

    Whatever the Mclardy types and the ilk's (Councillors) claim, trust me, for 20K a year I will bless, praise Ye and "all and all" etc worship false prophets etc etc despite the little sense you bleat..

    These loathsome and ancient overpaid creatures get paid an obscene amount of money for singing and playing whatever tune you call...Furthermore let us not detract from my initial call to elect and select a council that is answerable to the good and honest people of North Ayrshire that do not hand and band about big fat brown envelopes and have a passion for the area and the residents they live in therein.

    Despite my offer of "free COMMUNITY services" as I care about my community "passionately" I still as yet, have received no invitation for an job interview from the ilk's of the Mclardy's within the cess-pitt that is NAC and the councillors their-inn that I would gladly replace and "All for free". But hey blooming ho, there's a surprise as I am NOT in their band of rogues and cliques or pocket.

    As G ww Bush once said. “fool me once Shame on me” ..Fool me twice, shame on the people of NAC.

    Lets ditch these overpaid "cooncilors" (AKA) scroungers once and for all and elect a new and passionate team called "NAC for FREE" that will do the work of the common people and it wont cost you or I a penny and lets get the results that we ALL want....

    John Reid

    Coooncilor in waiting

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  • dickdastardly
    Unregistered User
    Jul 27, 22:24
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    Personal insults and a lots of hot air from John reid who misses my point - WK is setting itself up as a tourist spot and trying to attract TOURISM therefore it makes sense to include that in any kind of formal labelling of the local area - NAC will only change if there is a concerted campaign and raised awareness - but if you seek to take pot shots at me then you are only making the powers that be happy - they are not in the firing line. I do not support McLardy per se but I do take eah of her campaigns and make a judgement on whether I agree or not. On this she is right - there needs to be a wider scope for development in this area that includes tourism. So why not cease your personal ill judged attacks and get yourself elected in the usual manner then I can judge you on your policies ...

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