Petrol crisis for Largs

Published: 24 Jan 2012 09:309 comments

Largs petrol station had been hit with lack of petrol and diesel after going into receivership.

Drivers were unable to access petrol or diesel throughout recent days, as administrators Zolfo Cooper have been locked in talks with fuel suppliers.

"Agreeing terms with fuel suppliers has been a priority since we were appointed Receivers over Calanike Retailing Limited but unfortunately this can take time. We expect the majority of the portfolio to be online later today."

Full story in this week's Largs and Millport News.

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  • johnmearnsuk
    8 posts
    Jan 24, 19:26
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    It didn't take the Fairlie garage long to increase their petrol price by 1p. Come on ~ get a grip or you'll go down the same road as the Esso petrol station in Largs.

    it means we'll put in a fivers worth of fuel, then drive to Kilbirnie, and save at least 3p a litre@ Tesco

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  • Barry
    Unregistered User
    Jan 24, 20:55
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    Or keep going until Morrisons in Johnston and save a further 5p per litre!

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  • John Ried
    Unregistered User
    Jan 25, 03:33
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    Come on L&M, get a grip of your editorial headlines and scaremongering this is worse than a Sunday Sport headline, I have never read so much nonsense in my life and a headline to suit. Contrary what you may think Largs is NOT in crisis due to the demise of said overpriced petrol station, come to think of it I don't think the 75p you charge is worth it or value for monies these days either but thats another matter. I also wonder how long you will keep this comment up for before the "moderator" removes it!

    The only people that seem to be worried about the closure is yourselves it is also evident that the garage is not and had not been in any fit state of repair for selling fuel for some time reading through other previous and entertaining comments. Furthermore I did report the garage to N.A.C petroleum licensing regarding the appalling state of the forecourt after a fall several years ago on the uneven forecourt and it's still in the shocking same state of disrepair.

    Now, if you really want a good story, why not run with L&M to drop the cost of it's weekly paper to 73 pence and I am sure that will whip us locals in to a frenzy.

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  • sir moanalot
    Unregistered User
    Jan 25, 22:48
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    Even the "no fuel" sign is rubbish.

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  • Douglas Park
    Unregistered User
    Jan 26, 12:27
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    It's a shame that the present owners of what used to be Castlebay Filling Station have run into financial difficulties, but given it was one of the most expensive service stations in the area it's not entirely surprising.

    Unless you've no concept of fuel prices, I could only imagine it was used by locals who only drove locally, or as I have done in the past, put £5 in and then driven out of town to fill up while there on other business.

    It's hardly a crisis for anyone but the service station's owners. Other small towns survive without a petrol station and the Fairlie petrol station is but a short drive away too, not to mention Wemyss Bay & Kilbirnie where you have Tesco (cheaper fuel prices & clubcard points!)

    I know petrol retailers claim only to earn a couple of pence per litre of fuel, thanks to the extortionate fuel duties we pay in this country, but the variation in petrol prices around the region are amazing; anything for 1p to 10p difference per litre.

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  • jakeyrollin
    Unregistered User
    Jan 26, 18:42
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    I won't go over Douglas Parks comments again but I am on the same wavelength. I stopped using it years ago when I noticed how expensive they were compared to others around, not Wemyss Bay I hasten to add as they until recently were fleecing people something rotten. I couldn't believe they as well as Largs were getting away with it. If an increase was announced they both had it up at midnight but it would take weeks to go down if the prices came down or that's how it appeared. You can moan all you like to them and they trot out the taxes story but like I say Douglas Park covers that well. The only option was to go elsewhere. Fortunately I was able to do this but I know a lot of locals who can't. Morrison's indeed was 5p a litre cheaper . It was/is a no-brainer.

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  • John Ried
    Unregistered User
    Jan 26, 20:18
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    Its almost unbelievable but the run-down petrol station has re-opened and again with over inflated prices,it beggars belief that N.A.C licensing are allowing them to trade with such a shambolic forecourt and rusty FUEL pumps held together with gaffa tape.

    All I can ask is that we all boycott this blight on the landscape of Irvine road and Largs till such times as they repair the forecourt,the pot holes, the leaky roof and give that rust rotten container a lick of paint and sell fuel and goods at an appropriate rate.

    As for me it is clear that unless I right a letter of complaint and send it recorded delivery to Petroleum licensing at N.A.C then my phone calls fall upon deaf ears. I know some may think I am a tad pedantic but the atrocious state of these pumps, forecourt and roof are an accident waiting to happen.

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  • notgiven
    Unregistered User
    Jan 31, 11:06
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    funny how the correct story is never written by the largs and millport..get a clue you lot!

    Editor's Note: Thank the lord you've turned up. We've been waiting for someone like you to give us the correct story.

    Can't wait to hear it. We might even print it......

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  • Notgiven
    Unregistered User
    Feb 1, 10:00
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    No need to bring god into it, he won't make you any better at the job you do rather bad.

    I would give you the satisfaction of telling you the real deal, it's much funnier to read what the wee paper has always been, babble and bull!

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