'Only councillor to oppose wind turbines'

Published: 22 Feb 2012 12:307 comments

Conservative Councillor Elisabethe Marshall writes a letter in this week's Largs and Millport News about the controversial approval for giant turbines at Hunterston.

In this extract, she writes: "I am opposed at the decision to grant the application for three 200m tall wind turbines at Hunterston. I seem to be the only NAC Councillor representing the Largs area who has publicly reflected the views of some of the electorate especially in Fairlie and Millport

Does the silence from Cllrs Gallagher, Rae and Hill imply that they are in favour of this development or is it that they have a party line to toe? Perhaps the oncoming election will illuminate the matter.

This decision has come about in part due to there being no Ward 8 (Largs) Councillors on the Planning Committee - when Cllr Rae gave up his seat on the Planning Committee it was expected that a Ward 8 Member would take his place. In view of the need to have some political as well as geographical balance it could not be me as two Conservative Councillors had already been appointed.

By appointing the SNP Cllr Gibson from Saltcoats it is clear that the concerns of the local population in Fairlie and Millport were to be sacrificed in favour of the SNP love in with windmills."

Full letter, and letters page in this week's Largs and Millport News.

Jump to first paragraph.


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  • David Haye
    Unregistered User
    Feb 22, 13:21
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    This is just typical of Marshall, Mclardy & Co, they are a pair of jumped up overpaid,over the hill and out of touch with reality despots trying to secure a few extra Brownie points. Regardless of another one of her boring and incredibly inane letters to the L&M, the people of Scotland have kicked her and her likes firmly in the backside and elected an S.N.P government. And hopefully that will remain the same for the foreseeable future along with these turbines.

    As for wind power it is here to stay so she had better get used to it. I also sincerely hope that the "blue rinse brigade" finally start to show some support for their country. Lets all vote these old dinosaurs out in the next council elections and as the famous song goes, "send them homewards tay think again" as their position is untenable and out of touch.

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  • Ray Alan
    Unregistered User
    Feb 22, 13:42
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    Spoil the view from your new hilltop mansion, Elisabethe?

    No one could ever accuse you of speaking out of one side of your mouth, eh?

    Glasshouses and rocks, methinks.

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  • villager
    Unregistered User
    Feb 22, 16:34
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    In this case Mrs Marshall is absolutely correct though I have no sympathy with her political party.

    The residents of Fairlie have been sacrificed by SNP councillors (who most of us voted in,in the first place). Shame on them. we do need wind power and we do need test facilities but in the right place. This is the wrong place.The wind flow from the hills and over the islands is turbulent and does not give equivalent conditions to be found offshore. A coastal site with no backing hills or offshore islands would have technically been a far better site to simulate offshore conditions.

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  • John Ried
    Unregistered User
    Feb 22, 18:59
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    I know it could be called plagiarism but I really feel the urge to get MY point across again in all this mindless and misinformed nonsense that some of the comments are raising. Furthermore it is embarrassing to read this nonsense from supposed Fairlie locals who have been conned by the idiots in the Anti-anything in Fairlie camp..Have a read at my previous comments below regarding someone that claimed the lights were going to be to bright to sleep at nights. Poor education and mistrust it the root of about 90%of the ignorance on these matters and the rest is perpetrated by the aforementioned whacko's.

    Here we go again the constant bleating by the whacky anti-ANYTHING in my back-yard brigade from Fairlie makes me puke, honestly get a life. First point the HUGE BRIGHT LIGHT is actually a SMALL red neon light the same as you would see on any other pylon on any other part of the world so its highly unlikely to keep you awake. Even more incredible than its minuscule size there is is no noise from this light.

    Second and final point, these wind turbines on my front door step are a necessary part of Scotland's future economy in the renewable sector. Any balloon that tells you they are pointless, inefficient and uneconomical to run is deluded or misinformed. Take a look at Whitelees wind farm and the investment made by SSE, are you telling me they are spending BILLIONS in this sector whilst running a new underwater power line to England because its uneconomical? I ain't no accountant but smart enough to know that "there is money in them there gales". So lets just all put-up and shut up and stop being so selfish, think of your future your grand children's future as Nuclear or Coal is neither economical, sustainable, efficient or safe.

    One final point, I hardly think the area is going to be further blighted by these turbines when you look at the coal-port, the coal yard and the monstrosity that carries it for miles to the railway depo, oh and let us not forget Hunterston A&B..All the aforementioned areas are a blight on the landscape of the peninsula and should be removed as a matter of urgency to allow room for a super efficient wind farm.

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  • long term
    Unregistered User
    Feb 26, 16:52
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    billions for a wind turbine life span of 20years - sounds like a bargain!

    the mp has done exactly what any other mp would have done regardless of party.

    what a thick outlook in comments above. look ahead when our heating stops using gas and cars stop using petrol....wheres the leaky coming from? a countryside full of wind farms? low powered wave?

    wake up renewables are just part of the mix - not the full contents!

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  • jmpollock
    1 post
    Mar 3, 14:03
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    Its' not often I agree with a Conservative but the impact of erecting these turbines at Hunterston is environmentally disastrous and irresponsible in an area of outstanding natural beauty. They will impose on the entire Clyde estuary completely out of scale with the surroundings.

    The SNP are rail roading these applications through the planning system - They say it's anti Scottish to oppose these developments - Well I say they are ruining our heritage and environment - to the financial benefit of the historic estate owners and the energy companies and to the cost of the working taxpayer and people

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  • Frank Hall
    Unregistered User
    Mar 6, 21:31
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    How ironic that you decry one brand of NIMBYism and then you yourself start with another. I was actually in agreement with you until your last sentence of the third paragraph when you shot yourself in the foot.

    I take it you're unaware of a need for "base load" provision within the grid system, that being the minimum power that is available at any given time and must be guarenteed. Wind, sadly, cannot provide this requirement in either onshore or offshore settings due to the variable nature of the wind itself. This then brings us back (at this moment in time) to conventional fossil or nuclear fuels. There is no escaping them, at least not for now.

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