Was first Lord Glasgow a Scottish rogue?

Published: 14 Mar 2012 09:308 comments

A local nationalist has hit back at Lord Glasgow's statement that Scotland should stay in the Union with England

Lord Glasgow

Largs nationalist Stewart Connor has said that the original Lord Glasgow was one of the "parcel of rogues" which sold out on Scotland.

IN a hard-hitting letter to the 'News" Mr Connor stated:

"Your recent story "Lord Glasgow joins anti-independence campaign" overlooked a number of very important historical facts.

"The current Earl of Glasgow is following in the footsteps of one of his ancestors, David Boyle, 1st Earl of Glasgow who was instrumental in the negotiations which sealed the Act of Union in 1707.

"This David Boyle was one of the "Parcel of Rogues". As Robert Burns our famous bard eloquently puts it.. "Bought and Sold for English Gold".

Mr Connor's full letter is on a page of veiws in the Largs & Millport Weekly News of March 14.

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  • P Boyle
    Unregistered User
    Mar 14, 18:21
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  • Stiubhart
    Unregistered User
    Mar 15, 17:19
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    @ P Boyle.. to what does your comment "First?" relate to?

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  • Elliot
    Unregistered User
    Mar 15, 17:48
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    Think about it.

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  • john charles
    Unregistered User
    Mar 15, 17:55
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    silly old buffoon..crawl away and give Scotland peace..

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  • Frank Hall
    Unregistered User
    Mar 16, 20:31
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    Can I be the first to ask:

    Who gives a flying...

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  • William Wallace
    Unregistered User
    Mar 17, 08:28
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    Is it not great when those in power are exposed when quoting historical facts? I read the original article by Glasgow and it was cack!! Who were all these rouges then? Seems to me Westminster is still full of them. Jobs for the boys....Free Scotland

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  • freein2014
    Unregistered User
    Mar 22, 00:30
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    Not only 'bought and sold for English gold' but apparently

    likes a small drop in the bottom of a bucket !

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  • fatpiper
    Unregistered User
    May 20, 21:55
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    'William Wallace' - Get Real. Let's have a few home truths. 'Jobs for the boys' - pathetic interpretation of circumstances then and now. Emotive drivel.

    And before you rant about oil and whisky aswell -

    There was no oil (not discovered)!

    Whisky was irrelevant until the Excise act in 1823. Before It was mostly illegal. Almost none of it is owned by England anyway. Don't start.

    As the Darien company was backed by about a quarter of the money circulating in Scotland, its failure left the nobles and landowners – who had suffered a run of bad harvests – almost completely ruined. That meant everyone was broke. Most people were within the employment of the landowners.

    The only sensible solution was to join England in it's prosperity. We had been stuffed time and again by them and were never going to win outright. As a result of it, we have provided England with much brilliant people and inventions, and yes we have not profited from many of them, and we never would have.

    By 1700 - Scotland was going nowhere, it was the poorest country in Europe. In the period following the Act of Union 1707, Scotland's place in the world was altered radically. Following the Reformation, many Scottish academics were teaching in great cities of mainland Europe, then with the birth and rapid expansion of the new British Empire came a revival of philosophical thought in Scotland and a prodigious diversity of thinkers. "The enlightenment"

    Can we stand alone today, yes, we probably can, but not in your comfy English funded lifestyle you have become accustomed to. It will be really tough, no gravy train, and your taxes will go up.

    Oil is finished, forget it. Whisky Irrelevant. Water and wind is unfortunately next century's oil.

    'William Wallace' please don't spout junk diatribe to the nation - read the history books and accept it WAS a good thing then, just as separation MIGHT be a good thing now, but cut the crap!

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