SNP Ministers will allow coal station

Published: 21 Mar 2012 09:303 comments

After being criticised for voting to keep the proposed coal power station in North Ayrshire Council's development plan Labour man Alex Gallagher said this week that voting against it was the wrong thing for the SNP to do....because it meant they would go ahead with. Confused? Read on....

Labour Councillor Alex Gallagher

THE local Labour councillor has made the startling claim that because the clean coal power station has been removed from North Ayrshire's development plan Scottish SNP Ministers are more likely to go ahead with it."

In a letter to the 'News' Councillor Alex Gallagher stated: "I have to say that, by removing the council's insistence on any coal-fired power station at Hunterston being 100% clean coal from the start, the SNP opposition has made a huge tactical and strategic mistake.

" It has weakened our defences and opened up the floodgates for the Ayrshire Power proposal to be resurrected with a greater chance of enactment than it previously had."

He alleged that because of Scottish government energy policy it was clear that "the SNP Government is determined to press ahead with the coal-fired power station proposal regardless of local objections."

Councillor Gallagher's full letter is contained in two pages of views carried in the Largs & Millport Weekly News of March 21.

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  • Hamish
    Unregistered User
    Mar 23, 22:30
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    Sorry Councillor Gallagher--I am confused with your logic re Your vote "FOR" a coal plant at Hunterston.

    As I understand it you and certain Labour colleagues voted "YES" to include a Coal Plant in the planning framework for NAC at Hunterston.

    You say this will make it less likely for a coal plant being built! How?

    By the same logic Councillor's Hill and Marshall who voted NO to the coal plant will make it more likely?!!

    I cannot work out what is going on behind the scenes at North Ayrshire Council but please don't always vote with your colleagues from Irvine--(who are probably thinking of the £millions potentially heading to Irvine development coffer's)

    The communities of Largs, Fairlie, Cumbrae and West Kilbride are against the proposed coal power station with the increase in Dust, air pollution etc. They deserve better and should come first before any internal party politics!

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  • NO to dirty coal
    Unregistered User
    May 9, 19:20
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    As in another thread, I can understand Alex Gallagher's logic, but don't know if it's correct. Certainly better to have a 100% and only 100% CCS power station, than a totally unrestricted one.

    Having read (a lot) about the technology, it's currently technologically and commercially totally impossible, now and for a good few years at least, to actually have a 100% CCS station even after a few years of operation, let alone at the start. So if that restriction was totally unbreakable, it says "NO" to the power station, more effectively than not having it in the plan at all.

    Politically I voted and vote SNP, by the way, but despise petty bickering party politics that get in the way of "doing the right thing". Whatever that might have been, as the councillors went their own way rather than in unison in our interest, we'll never know now.

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  • Hamish100
    Unregistered User
    Jun 28, 21:47
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    Any update on this prediction?

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