Afternoon tea in graveyard is 'shocking'

Published: 19 Apr 2012 09:305 comments

Irate West Kilbride councillor Liz McLardy has lashed out over a cafe extenstion being what she called a 'blatant disregard for the dead'.

The Independent councillor has complained to the legal department at North Aryshire Council and believes that the new outdoor seating area at the Barony Centre is contrary to the lease agreement for the site.

Mrs McLardy, MBE, stated that new outdoor decking has been built over a section of the church yard on top of graves, and was not part of the lease agreement.

The organisers of the Barony project insisted that they had acted with care and respect for surrounding graveyard.

Full story in this week's Largs and Millport News.

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  • A.Citizen
    Unregistered User
    Apr 24, 13:32
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    Cllr. McLardy should perhaps expend her ire on real issues, rather than feigned concern for the long dead. It is a shame that rather than supporting the potential benefits that the Barony project represents for the people of West Kilbride, she instead feels the need to denigrate the newly refurbished building on what are, to my mind, specious grounds.

    I do, at least, now know who not to vote for in the upcoming elections.

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  • remembering friends
    Unregistered User
    Apr 26, 21:28
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    i would like to sit there having a tea or coffee on a bitter day remembering and looking out to my lost loved ones

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  • morecashthanyou
    Unregistered User
    Apr 27, 20:02
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    mr a. citizen do you have no morals,your comments are to say the least best suited to a playground,look at the facts....if you can not see why some people object to the cafe decking and other points then its evident that you suffer from tunnel vision and need not only go to specsavers but also attend hospital where a brain transplant is well overdue,have you actually listened to what locals want?have you asked them?would you and (rembering friends )be happy choosing a resting place thinking that you would remain undisturbed and future relatives could visit your graveside ,be happy to be covered by decking or in the worst case scenario dug up and flung in a plastic bag with other peoples remains to be re intered(sorry just had to mention the last farce which you all managed to cover up ...excuse the pun) nope didnt think so.liz mcclardy has done many many things for local people a lot of which goes unmentioned,dont forget she also had a vision and it certainly was not what has been happening at the barony to date.for your records i am not a supporter of cllr mcclardy and most certinly not of the barony.....just a local person born and brought up in wk that can see the destruction and alienation towards what was once a tightly bound caring community and not one of segregation.sit down Mr a and take a long hard look at what has actually been acheived p.s you may have to take off your rose tinted glasses first...once off you cant help but see the total disrespect towards not only the dead but local people who are either afraid to put forward their views or even if they did would only be ignored anyway.pps before you comment ....correct i am not a supporter of the barony ,i may have been if handled in a better manor,i do want to see change ...for the community not the select few,i do want children to have something,but that something would be what they would want as children.

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  • Alzo
    Unregistered User
    Apr 30, 13:09
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    "Sit down and take a long hard look at what has actually been achieved", well I have and the reuse of the Barony has been a fantastic achievement. An extremely difficult building to do something with...fact !! Irvine has a fantastic church at its centre and its sat boarded up for years. So, well done WK Initiative, not only for their stunning success in reusing the Barony , but for their sterling work in turning around West Kilbride, which a decade or so ago was going down the toilet....fact !!.

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  • Deborah28
    Unregistered User
    May 11, 11:58
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    I'm a Cumbrian living in London who has recently made the trip up to West Kilbride to visit the Barony centre. What I found was a beautiful museum of international standard in a lovely corner of the world that I may have not have visited otherwise.

    I am frankly shocked and puzzled how anyone can criticise what is obviously a massive asset to West Kilbride and the wider region.

    To my mind the Barony is a celebration of West Kilbride: its culture, history and residents, both living and dead.

    I would be over the moon if a beautiful and prestigious museum like the Barony opened in my home town! (Wigton in Cumbria)

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