WE kept reading in the Scottish daily papers and from the BBC that we weren't bothered about the Queen's Diamond Jubilee occasion in Scotland.

However, as our paper shows there was plenty of activity in the area with individuals, streets, clubs and organisations going out of their way to mark a unique occasion.

Pride of place must go to the Cumbrae Queen and Gala Committee in Millport who - because they asked - were awarded �10,000 from Awards for All to stage festivities.

One of the organisers, Elizabeth Lawson, was involved in arranging a Sunday Memories afternoon for invited guests, particularly senior citizens, of about 200 for entertainment, refreshments and sharing of memories of Queen Elizabeth's coronation.

On Monday the island held the crowning of the Cumbrae Queen and, thereafter, a great street party to celebrate the jubilee with pipe bands, country dancers, gala, arts & crafts, magician, Punch & Judy, live music in a marquee, bouncy castle, a round-a-bout, Big Shuggie and even free cakes for all.

All Cumbrae children of primary school age and under received a gift to commemorate history being made.

At the end of the Monday celebrations they had a beacon to be lit, coinciding with the council one at Largs Aubery and, of course, the official one lit by Her Majesty at Buckingham Palace.

It was a fantastic job by the Millport folk who really know how to throw a party.

Perhaps community councillor Harry McEachan was right enough a few months ago when he chided Largs Community Council for not making an effort to celebrate the diamond jubilee in the town.

WELL done to Largs Thistle FC and their new honorary president Colin Weir for undertaking the transformation of the 80 year old Barrfields Park into what should be one of the country's best all-weather sports pitches.

Euromillionaires Colin and Chris Weir who, through their charity foundation, have been helping local causes, seen and unseen will be responsible for the �700,000 scheme which will open up sports activity for all local people all year round.

Watch this space for more exciting news on the sports front.

Well done to local activist Margaret Brown on becoming the first-ever lady president of the foottball club which dates back to the 19th century.

I like folk like Margaret who don't mince their words and I had to laugh when I heard that one of the Thistle players on hearing her demands that they win promotion next season muttered "I didn't know we had another Margaret Thatcher." I had to laugh at a recent news item which read...St Mary's parents are having a good fun ladies night out, and EVERYONE is welcome!

I had to laugh when I saw Labour councillors speaking about a new North Ayrshire SNP-Tory coalition. Now, let me count..12 SNP councillors and one Conservative. Some coalition.