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Published: 11 May 2011 09:302 comments

Editor Drew Cochrane believes Labour locally ran an abusive campaign and got its just desserts

IT was the famous Clydeside socialist Jimmy Reid who said: "I didn't leave the Labour Party, the Labour Party left me."

Whatever way you look at it, many thousands left Labour behind in a quite sensational vote last Thursday.

As a political anorak I sat up to 5.20am just after the Cunninghame North result was declared (you have to wonder why it took so long considering there was no doubt about the outcome from 2am onwards).

As a seasoned observer of electioneering I had remarked to people that I couldn't recall such simmering hatred between parties, Labour and SNP.

From where I was sitting - as the recipient of articles, letters and emails to the editor - you could see the dirty tricks, lies and loathing between certain candidates' camps.

My conclusion is that Labour got its comeuppance for its dependence on scare tactics and abusive comments.

In the newspaper Portakabin by the sea, where I work, we had Labour HQ "officials" threatening to sue a fellow editor if they published a story,and suggesting to me that I continue to run with an attack on Kenneth Gibson in successive weeks.

Locally, despite Mr Gibson stating categorically and publicly on at least six occasions that he was against the proposed coal power plant and, indeed, that it was "dead in the water" Largs Labour people repeatedly submitted statements, right up to election week, declaring that the SNP man was in favour of the plan.

It was desperation, reflected in the results which are the most incredible I have ever witnessed in my lifetime.

For those of us for whom election nights are like watching cup finals roll on the council vote next year. Is Labour's tenuous hold on North Ayrshire to be swept away?

In fact, from what I hear Labour may not see out the year 'in control' of NAC. Veteran councillor David Munn has announced his retiral and anonymous Kilwinning Labour councillor Margaret McDougall has become an MSP by default on the List system.

Although Mrs McDougall wants to hold on to her £16,000 a year council pay packet as well as her £60,000 salary at Holyrood (obviously a working class socialist) they are not likely to see much of her around the council chamber.

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  • Save the mudflats
    Unregistered User
    May 12, 22:02
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    If Mr Gibson and the SNP are so against Huneterston, I'm with them all the way! However, the Scottish Government included it in the National Planning Framework, and have made no move to amend that. Let's hope they mean what they say and both refuse the application and change the NPF soon - they now have the power! Any delay, and we might start to think they are a 'normal' political party that says what's convenient locally, but in the capital delivers what big business wants!

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  • dakan gibri
    Unregistered User
    May 18, 11:52
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    The obvious reason for thinking Gibson is in favour of the coal plant would be his statement in the Herald when the project was announced. "Local SNP MSP Kenny Gibson said: "I had discussions as far back as a year ago on this and I'm glad its coming to fruition. My only caveat is the size, which would require full consultation with the community and promises over improvements to the road and rail infrastructure. "We're not talking about a scabby old power station here but something which in 10 years should have the technology for carbon capture and make the need for any further nuclear plants superfluous.""

    Dont let your dislike of Labour blind you to the evidence. With regard to council elections, Labour losing control would be a blessing for the Labour party. Much simpler to criticise cuts than to actually try and make the best of reduced budgets.

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