With only four league games remaining in Thistle’s Premier League campaign, the odds are once again stacked against Largs in terms of survival, writes Calum Corral.
But in recent seasons, when the chips are down, Largs have shown that they can find another level and have managed some incredible turnarounds.
Thistle’s opening eight defeat run was always going to be a challenge to come back from, and in fairness, the response since then has been nothing short of superb at times. Victories at Hurlford and Kilwinning were keenly fought for, and the recent penalty shoot out victory against Beith in the West of Scotland Cup 2nd round was an outstanding effort all round. Every victory we have had this season has been well earned.
It was all the more remarkable given that Thistle were missing some key players including Iain Fisher, Creag Little, and James Marks, but with endeavour, brilliant defending, and some good old fashioned ‘bottle’, Largs went on to show composure in the ‘lottery’ of penalty kicks, to beat the ‘Mighty’.
No matter what happens during the remainder of the season, Thistle boss Stuart Davidson is hoping that Largs can reverse a trend in cup tournaments in the last two years, and give the fans some cheer with a good run.
And who knows? Thistle have shown against the Auchinleck and Beiths of this world that they can really get to grips with them, and they really have nobody to fear.
A particularly pleasing point of this season is that Largs now have an extra resource to help them in their quest with the under 19s set up. 
Seeing players such as Matthew Ashe step into the first team and do an important job is a key to the future. And the club community set-up with new Thistle teams, and even Largs AFC, coming under the Thistle banner, has been one of this season’s triumphs. Having non-stop football throughout the winter months thanks to the Barrfields 3G, provided by Chris and Colin Weir in Largs, has been a great legacy.
Pushing the community concept, and giving younger players the opportunity to take in Stuart Davidson’s vision, can only be good for Largs in the long term.
Thistle are due to head to Glenafton this weekend as they once again look to upset the odds. It is fair to say that both teams have ‘history’, and if Largs need any more inspiration, they just need to look back to that famous day in May 1994 when the Barrfields side stunned the nation, and won the Scottish Junior Cup with a 1-0 win over the Glens.