Ardrossan Accies Minis and Micros engaged in a wonderfully competitive, committed clash against Kilmarnock RFC on Sunday.

In a narrow gap between the weekend’s heavy rainfall, both clubs set out to deliver fast, skilful and entertaining rugby for the army of parents, coaches and supporters. The ground may have been a little soft, but the rugby on display was anything but. Equally impressive was the effort, manners and sportsmanship shown by both clubs.

Around 40% of the Accies include children from the LargsFairlie and West Kilbride area.

The young Micros split into two squads on the day, playing successive matches against their hosts and winning both. Accies Blue manged to win by a couple of tries thanks to their collective defensive effort and some neat passing skills. Star of the say was awarded to Ethan Sweenie whose neat stepping saw him bag several tries in addition to leading the defensive effort. Accies Black were equally tenacious in defence and delighted their coaches by keeping their structure on the field. Star of the day Ross Ferguson was once again a menace in attack, netting many tries as well being a rock in defence.
The P4/5 Minis combined into a larger squad and took on their Kilmarnock counterparts in two games. Game 1 saw the Accies hurtle out of the blocks at a pace the would make Usain Bolt look pedestrian. Their slick passing and structured defensive lines meant that multiple tries were scored in the smoothest of fashion whilst the oppositions darts to the line halted with ruthless efficiency. Again, the Wednesday night work at training appeared to be paying off for the youngsters. They won game 1 well with Logan O’ Moore named star of the day thanks to a complete performance of attacking prowess and resolute defence. Game 2 was also won thanks to the continued effort from the squad including multiple debutants. The growing confidence of Finlay Brotherston saw him deliver an assured performance, earning him star of the day and a beaming smile.
P6/7 formed two mixed squads and knuckled down to the job of taking on the big, physical Kilmarnock teams. Accies Blue moved the ball quickly and efficiently, particularly off the deck in tackles. This skill mesmerised the opposition and allowed the Accies to break down their tough defence. Calum Barton had another wonderful game for the Accies, deservedly taking the star of the day award. Game 2 for the Blues was a much tougher, abrasive affair and pushed the players hard into raising their game. The Accies manged to claw their way back from an early deficit and eventually win by a single score with Lee Adams shining brightly throughout and earning the star.
Accies Black met the same Kilmarnock squads in reverse order and narrowly lost a riveting contest in game 1. Calum Sweenie worked tirelessly in defence and attack, using his wits to set up tries for the players around him at any opportunity making him star of the day. Game 2 was played at a faster pace, suiting the visitors who ruthlessly utilised the wider spaces. Seamus Gallanach typified such actions, scoring a handful of tries en-route to earning the star of the day award.