"No Dinner for Sinners" by Edward Taylor piles agony on confusion in this excellent comedy show by Attic Players.

Jim Watt (Philip Morton) is a budding executive in the London office of an American finance company. He lives with his girl-friend (Jackie Martin) and is anticipating the arrival of his rampantly religious boss, Bill McGregor (Eric Linn), who likes to suss out his employees over dinner at home.

The first among many problems is that the boss would not approve of his employee's co-habiting arrangement and Jim would in all probability lose his lucrative job. The girlfriend stomps out when Jim suggests that they should pretend to be married, leaving him in the lurch. In a succession of phone calls to old flames he tries to remedy the situation but to no avail.

In the end it is a toss-up between his secretary, Terri (Linda Beaton), a desirous woman, ambitious to be an actress, and his down-to-earth cleaner, Edna (Iona Doull).

Hazel Downie and Linda Beaton are to be congratulated in bringing a complex comedy to life. That was no mean feat. And no Players' production could be accomplished without the artistic and technical expertise of an imaginative stage crew, meriting with the artistes the enthusiastic applause of appreciative audiences.