A sharp and exciting new format for local theatre emerged in Lounge bar/restaurant in Largs last week with the advent of Pint Size Productions in the first of a series of live shows - "Bouncers".

Played in such small and intimate surroundings, the four young actors who starred as the bouncers - Calum McVittie, Matt Wilkin, Dean Hood and Steve Kirkwood had to get it right from the off, and they certainly raised the bar, and then some, The concept of "Bouncers" is a social parody of today's pub and club scene. The four talented young actors were involved in a series of excellent role-playing, never changing from their original Bouncers outfits, but jumping into character as four young ladies out on the razz, or four guys trying to get into a club, or turning back to the doormen despairing at the latest floozies to meet and greet.

With a very smart and witty script which was edgy and featured alarmingly recognisable characters, "Bouncers" succeeded in every count of sending up the whole nightscene ethos. Credit to all the actors for a fast and furious production which had many of the young audience in tears of laughter.

"Bouncers" will return to the stage on dates still to be confirmed.