Never mind being late for the ball, but it might seem to most a bit late for a panto (oh no it's not!) but don't dare tell 'Pint Size Productions' that.

Or the audience last weekend at Lounge, who lapped up this adult show which was packed with gags, song, and risque humour, writes Calum Corral.

What was so enthralling about this latest mini spectacular from the young amateur dramatics group, was how they carried off the play with such great aplomb.

With plenty of profanity, clever digs at local personalities, and a script laced with superb jokes, 'Pint Size Production' might well have invented a new genre.

'Cinderella' was written by Ruairidh Forde and Ryan Moir, who also performed as the grotesquely ugly sisters, and full credit must be given to this young creative duo who looked every inch the typical hard-up Glaswegian dragons spitting bile and doing their utmost with the wicked stepmother (Angie Moir), to prevent 20 Mayfair smoking Cinderella, played by Laura Archbold, from reaching the ball as a transformed goddess. Laura had everyone in stitches from the start with a super performance, and the crowd loved the gutter language which was so unexpected, and Angie Moir (Ryan's sister) was suitably disgraceful as the evil stepmum!

Calum McVittie played Buttons and seemed to be revelling in his chance to play a more adult version of the loveable character having been such a star of stage in the more familiar tale, while Morag Robertson played the Fairy Godmother to great humorous effect, and Prince Charming was excellently portrayed by Scott Canevy.

With a very young cast, it is remarkable that it seemed such a very seasoned production and it just goes to prove that good humour is ageless ('You're more bouncy castle than Beyonce!' being one of many gags that left us in stitches and one of the more printable ones to boot).

Any panto is incomplete without the music, and this is where the show really came into its own with some terrific tub-thumping tunes with re-written lyrics specially for the production from 'I am a Believer', opening with 'I thought love was only true in Emmerdale!'.

There was also an absolutely marvellous and surreal rendition of the video to 'Bohemian Rhapsody', complete with torches on faces, which was the the main highlight, in a show which had so many to choose from.

What was also surprising was that with all the below the belt humour, for some reason, the charm of the play, and the perfect comic timing of how it was executed, meant it barely caused offence, and the hoots of laughter from the crowd were testament to that. In fact, the audience probably even forget it was a panto in February as they were laughing so hard!

The Pint Sized Production shows have been a brilliant alternative to heading up to the city for first class comic entertainment and have shown plenty ambition from 'Fawlty Towers' to last weekend's adult panto. Another triumph. Encore please!