The Drakes of Hazard were top of the bill at Largs Fun weekend, and even returned for additional shows on the Sunday due to public demand.

Initially only booked for two shows on the Saturday, the Indian ducks delighted the big crowds, as they were guided by a sheepdog, and navigator and commentator of proceedings, Mark Wylie.

Having already appeared on ‘Blue Peter’, people are amazed at the skill as man and dog work together in harmony to control, direct and navigate a troop of fearless Indian runner ducks around an obstacle course.

Mark Wylie has taken the Drakes all over the UK, and was excited to be bringing it to Largs for the first time. He said: “It was full of thrills and spills, with unique obstacles and stunts from Bridge over the River Quack to the Tunnel of Count Duckula and the only helter skelter built for ducks! The ducks are very well looked after, highly trained, and well pampered!

“There were no surprises, no frights, and they knew exactly what is happening.” Video by Ian Dalgleish.