Folk singer and entertainer Alastair MacDonald paid tribute to the late Markus Thane during his concert last Friday.

Alastair provided a number of folk songs on stage at the DA Hall, and spoke about the Cumbrae Parish Church minister when on stage.

He also devoted one of his songs to Markus, who served both Cumbrae Parish, and St John's in Largs, and sadly passed away earlier this month.

The venue was packed, as the audience joined in with many of the songs including 'Lord of the Dance' which Alastair played on his banjo.

The show was interspersed with light hearted anecdotes, folk stories, and tales from the west of Scotland, some with a religious background, while others did not.

But it proved to be a very entertaining mix of music and comedy, with the audience participation playing a big part in the atmosphere.

Alastair, born 28 October 1941, is a Scottish banjo-playing folk/jazz musician, probably most famous for his recordings of Jim MacLean's folk songs, such as The Barras and The massacre of Glencoe, but also for some humorous songs, such as the jazz comedy song Sam the skull, about a Glasgow cat.

McDonald has toured the USA (every state except Hawaii and Alaska), Canada, Israel, Denmark, Thailand and several more countries - and can now include Millport on that illustrious list!

Photo by Karen Brodie.