When two cleaning ladies are thrust into the limelight and on to the stage, you really don't know what to expect!

But big Bev and Senga danced to Beyonce with their mops, and even gave Abba's 'Waterloo' a fresh rendition with some subtle and hilarious tweaks, as Pint Size Productions once again raised the roof with their hilarious production 'Scrubbers' at Lounge.

Starring and written by Laura Edison and 'News' columnist Natalie Sweeney, very few were spared a lampooning from their incisive wit with everyone and their granny getting a mention in the polished 75 minute production. The Spiritualist Church, Largs Thistle, and even your humble 'Wee Paper' reporter were in the firing line, but there is no doubting that Natalie and Laura's laugh-a-minute show really does clean up in terms of riotous comedy.

Online dating, nuisance phone-calls, and Magnus the Viking statue also received notable mentions, and the rapturous laughter from the sell-out crowd goes to show that the humour repeatedly hit the funny bone - it was bawdy brilliant.

With Natalie having already performed a stand-up show in Edinburgh this month, it is certainly not a stretch of the imagination to suggest that this production was good enough for the Fringe. Senga and Big Bev will be back later this year for a Christmas special. Strap yourself in for more close to the knuckle humour .... with tinsel on top!