As 'Don't Stop Believing' belted out to bring the curtain down on Largs Academy's stunning 'Rock of Ages: School Edition', the over-riding thought was sheer disbelief at the outstanding talent of the pupils.

The end of year show is always one of the must-see highlights in the calendar at Barrfields Theatre.

We were transported back in time to the days of loud rock anthems, and even louder hair, when music expressed great hope for the future, and being cool at the school wasn't an option, it was compulsory.

The storyline centres around country girl Sherrie, and city boy Drew, who fall in love while trying to pursue their dreams on Hollywood's Sunset Boulevard but there is trouble afoot.

The leads, Sherie played by Genna Allan, and Drew played by Ross Maiden, were both outstanding with excellent voices, making the show truly something special.

The show's narrator Lonny, played by the fantastic Finlay Morrow, really captures the mood of the 80s, with plenty of good humour - and he also stars in one of the funniest scenes in with the owner of the Bourbon Room venue Dennis Dupree. Now that is what you call a bromance!

With Hollywood's Sunset Strip under threat from development, German hard-as-nails Hilda, a real estate developer, is the baddie of the piece, played with aplomb by Star Penders. Her son is Franz, played by Aidan Phillips, and both share the limelight during Pat Benatar's 'Hit me with your best shot' in another brilliant comedy scene.

Finlay Quinn stars as the legendary rock star Stacee Jaxx and brought great gusto to the role, while the words of wisdom for the show were provided by Sophie Cotton as Justice, Mother of the Lost Souls.

And one of the youngest cast members Rhionna Inwood (S3) plays the mayor's assistant Anita. The on stage band including Stuart Roy, Stuart McArthur, Tom Hatrick, Callum Edwards and Craig Smith,

As another marvellous tune from the period is sung, 'We Built This City on Rock N Roll', it is worth reminding yourself that these school productions are built on the foundations of solid hard work and enthusiasm of a highly talented group of pupils, teachers, and volunteers.

A Rock N' Roll triumph for Largs Academy, and a big well done to musical director Craig Smith, producer Emma Newton, and their extraordinary team for another smash hit.

Cast: Lonny - Finlay Morrow, Sherrie - Genna Allan, Drew - Ross Maiden, Stacee Jaxx - Finlay Quinn, Dennis Dupree - Addison Mann, Anita - Rhionna Inwood, Justice Charlier - Sophie Cotton, Hilda - Star Penders, Franz - Aidan Phillips, Sherrie's Dad - Milo Alcorn, Sherrie's mum - Olivia Anderson, Constance - Maddy Cozens, Mayor - Michael Smith, Ja'Keith Gill - Hamish Johnston, Waitresses - Beth McFadzean, Rosie Whitney, and Sarah Dillon. Dancers - Saskia Betteridge, Eilidh Kirk, Heather Maxwell, Lucy McDonald and Pia Stevenson.

The Chorus: Tess Anderson, Abby Hennessy, Emily Rae, Haillie Mutter, Megan Kelly, Amy Mullen, Lani Groth, Theresa Leith, Yasmin Jumah, Megan Wilson, Demi Horrocks, Iona Morrison, Sarah Rae, Craig Fulton, Blair Smith, Joanna Stewart, Grace Phillips, Hannah Gorman, Catherine Nordbo, Kaya Mutter, Gavin Lidbury, Jena Leahy, Jena Walker and Eilidh Maclaren.

Production: Choreography: Dawn McCarron and Rachel Ashmead, Sound Martin Beattie, Set Construction Martin Beattie, Callum Little, David Page and Jack Murdoch; Costume Design/Singing Coach Ashley Lawson, Lighting Jazz of CPE Engineering, Make-up Kirsty Strachan, Technical Assistant Stuart McKinnon, Stage Manager Linsey Muir, Scenic Design Kirsten Murray, Samantha Galloway, Eilidh Armstrong and Katja Creith, Graphics Craig Shearon, Back Stage Crew Natlie Murray, Kirsten Murray, Paul Muir and Brian Higgins.

Photos by Ryan Scott.