Reporter Calum Corral discovers we could be on the cusp of a seafood revolution on the west coast of Scotland, as opportunities abound in our local waters thanks to a dazzling selection of lobster, langoustines, prawns, and locally sourced delicious delights ...

I was extremely lucky to be invited on a luxury cruise along the Clyde to test out the latest menu of Scotts at Largs with top chefs, accompanied by a gaggle of food bloggers, and reviewers, getting the opportunity to road-test, or should that be boat-test, some of the first class cuisine on offer at their Buzzworks restaurants in Troon and Largs.

A first class champagne entrance, and our glasses were never empty throughout the day thanks to Cloudy Bay's first class Pinot and Chardonnay, and we headed outwards from Largs Yacht Haven on the Lexus Lady cruiser, and after a rather wet week in Ayrshire, even the sunshine put in a cameo appearance. Perfect!

It was only apt to start the day with Cumbrae Oysters, which is based nearby the Largs restaurant on the Ayrshire coast, followed by grilled king prawns, and whipped goats cheese. This was followed by platters of perfection including mini prawn cocktail, garlic cream mussels, thai-spiced crab balls and smoked salmon. The chilled seafood selection included marinated mussels and clams, crab claws, and soused herring.

Largs and Millport Weekly News:

The benefits of high quality seafood is clear to head chef Craig Hogarth.

He said: "It definitely showcases the local seafood we actually have on our west coast of Scotland, including beautiful langoustines, lobsters, oysters, things that are right on our doorstep which unfortunately we mostly send abroad, so for me it is trying to promote these products as much as possible as we are so lucky as a nation to have this on our doorstep. As a company, we have a real passion about sustainability as well, so we source the best products, and we want to work with the best suppliers. Luckily, the directors give myself and our other two executive chefs the time to go and source the products, to look and speak to suppliers, to make sure we get the best for our customers. We are spoiled as a country for seafood, and that is the sad thing when we go abroad to Spain, France, Italy, we always say how good the seafood is, and probably 90% of the exported seafood that is going there is from our coastlines.

"So by promoting it, and if encourage people to start buying it, we can bring the price down of all these things - and it is good for you as well."

And bringing the continent to the west coast, a platter of 'Scottish tapas' included haggis croquette, black pudding and chorizos bon bons, pate, and ham hough terrine. As well as seafood, there was a diverse and mouthwatering selection of tastes from elsewhere on the menu including slow cooked beef ragu, road pumpkin ravioli, and whipped goats cheese.

The glorious scenery as we enjoyed our sail towards the Kyles of Bute, including some porpoises swishing in and out of the waves on a couple of occasions, provided a stunning setting for a memorable day out thanks to the team at Buzzworks, and also provided a greater appreciation of our coastline in more ways than one.