In this week's 'Know Your News' we head back to the distant past when the beautiful surroundings of Largs proved attractive to the Romans.

In 1958, St Columba's Parish Church Fellowship had a most interesting evening "Hearin' Aboot Auld Largs" from Mr Duncan Brown.

Mr Brown traced Largs to the days when the Romans resided by its shores. He spoke of the finds of old Roman coins and paving underneath the Post Office in Main Street in 1820; also of a Roman well found in Nelson Street while Knock Hill had been a Roman Fort.

Many old buildings were commented on such as Bath Hall (The Brisbane Centre) built around 1830 for £2000. This had baths, coffee room and library, An ancient inn called "The Brisbane Arms" was used by smugglers and from these coaches left for the south.

A link with the days of an active church in Skelmorlie Aisle was recently discovered in the walls of a shop in Main Street. Here was found a red sandstone fireplace and also a doorway, remnants of a "Kirk House" leading to the precincts of the aisle.

A lively tale was also given of a young Largs man called David Wilson. This unfortunate young man was press-ganged into the Navy while he was at his work on the Cumbraes and was not able to return home for 20 years.

During that time he had taken part in the Battle of Trafalgar, having served on the H.M.S Victory. On his return to Largs he had a cobbler's business in Frazer Street.