I sit here reading your story about UFO sightings. Let me tell you what I saw.

On Christmas Eve, I was working in the Greenock area. About 9pm I was sitting in my work vehicle with two other workmates when we saw this bright orange light flying towards us. At first i thought it was a helicopter but as i looked closer i could not see any navigation lights or even hear any sound coming from it.

It was a bright clear night and there was not a sound and all that was in the sky was this bright light. It came from the Braeside area and headed over towards the cut and then it just disappeared.

The 3 of us just stood and looked at each other and asked what was that?

Then on Christmas night about 8pm, I saw a single bright orange light fly over Largs. I stood outside and watched the light again this was no plane as it was silent and after 30 seconds it disappeared. Then again around 9pm when returning home after having Christmas day with family in Largs, my wife and I again saw a bright orange light flying over Largs towards the seafront.

We drove down to the prom beside the Cal-Mac office and stopped the car and watched the orange light in the sky. It must have been about a thousand feet in the air, same as the night before.

At this point a further 2 orange lights appeared. They were much brighter as if they were on fire and followed in behind the first one but at lower height. Again there was no sound and they made there way over towards the ferry slip at Cumbrae they then disappeared.

Does anyone know what is happening about these sightings?

John McLaughlin by e-mail