He might have had the whole of the time and space cosmos to choose from but former Doctor Who star David Tennant materialised in the local area this week to visit some cafes and enjoy an ice cream by the seaside.

Obviously in a bid to put the Daleks and Cybermen off his trail, the 39 year old actor swapped the Tardis for the Cal Mac ferry as he ventured over to Millport for a few hours with his blonde actress girlfriend.

The Scottish celebrity was filming a new movie "The Decoy Wife" in Kilbirnie during the past week but decided to venture to the seaside and have a nostalgic trip to the Isle of Cumbrae where his father is believed to have once owned a house.

The 'Casanova' actor was first spotted at Nardini at the Moorings on Largs seafront on Saturday shortly after midday and was served by 21 year old waitress Simone Simpson from West Kilbride.

She said: "He just walked in and was really nice. He just asked for a coffee and an Appeltize. He kept himself quiet, and blew me a kiss. He was dressed very smartly. I would quite happily have been whisked away in his Tardis!" His next port of call was a visit to the Ritz Cafe in Millport after going on a relaxing walkabout on the Isle of Cumbrae by the harbour.

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