A Largs man has demanded a reduction in the tv licence fee because of less choice for local viewers.

Mr Jim McGarvey told the 'News' that he noted "the very nice letter" from Paul Hughes, National Manager Scotland, Digital UK thanking people for help during the switchover.

"Unfortunately, what that organisation failed to tell us was that Largs would only get a limited channel selection. We will only receive "Freeview Lite" because we obtain our signal from the Largs local transmitter.

"Checking online it seems that we will never obtain the full range because "it is uneconomic" to upgrade the transmitter for such a small population base. It is galling to think we are paying the same licence fee but must accept a second class service. It would seem reasonable that a reduced fee be charged for this reduced service but this is no doubt a pipedream." Full letter and two pages of view in the Largs & Millport Weekly News of July 20.