LOCAL SNP Kenneth Gibson has defended the Scottish Government's consultation which placed the Hunterston coal plant in the National Planning Framework.

Although he reitererated that he is OPPOSED to Ayrshire Power's proposed carbon capture plant Mr Gibson was responding to criticism of a court judgement which found in favour of the government.

The MSP stated: "Consultation on the National Planning Framework (NFP2) was carried out not just on a statutory basis - based on legislation the SNP inherited from Labour - but to include as diverse a range of organisations as possible. Leaflets went to libraries across Scotland, there were eight newsletters and an e-newsletter to 7,000 users of planning services, six regional seminars, 104 bilateral meetings and 283 formal responses were received.

Three Scottish Parliament committees comprised of 24 MSPs, nine Labour, eight SNP, Three Tory, Three Lib Dem and one Green scrutinised the proposals and took evidence over a three month period. " Mr Gibson's full statement and comments are in the Largs & Millport News of October 19.